Scent Spotlight: Calming Lavender

Scent Spotlight: Calming Lavender

Accessing peace, quieting the mind, and restoring a sense of calm are all modern-day challenges we face in this ever-evolving world. The medical benefits of lavender essential oil have been used in aromatherapy for years, and now you can enjoy the benefits in your own home. Lavender is one of the most widely grown essential oil crops in the world, and is subsequently some of the most popular and versatile oils. Here are three of the most popular uses of lavender essential oil for aromatherapy. 


#1. To reduce stress 

Using lavender essential oil has been shown to reduce stress, rejuvenate the mind and provide mild sedative effects. Inhalation and the external application are the most common uses of lavender when applied as aromatherapy. In the first century AD, ancient Greek scholars such as Galen and Dioscorides praised the medicinal attributes of lavender, citing strong calmative properties. In ancient Egypt, it was used as a perfume and as an essential ingredient for incense. Lavender was even a favorite ingredient in herbal baths of both Greeks and Romans. Today, using lavender essential oil at home has been shown to reduce stress. One study found that lavender oil aromatherapy calmed the nervous system—lowering blood pressure, heart rate, and skin temperature as well as changing brain waves to a more relaxed state. We recommend melting 2-3 of our Calming Lavender wax melts during time of duress, to help bring your mind to a more relaxed state.

The therapeutic use of lavender has long been perceived to reduce stress, relieve anxiety, and promote relaxation.

#2. To lift mood  

Using lavender essential oil has been reported to lift our mood. Researchers believe the main sedative property found in lavender essential oil is linalool, which when inhaled, sends signals to our brain to release neurotransmitters via our olfactory system, providing a “feel-good” response. Some studies even show that linalool is even powerful enough to bind our serotonin receptors. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for regulating several neurophysiological processes, such as anxiety, attention, and mood. This is what scientists believe enables us to feel a sense of relief, relaxation, and possibly some antidepressant-like effects when inhaling lavender essential oil.

Researchers found that the powerful compound linalool may be what contributes to the mood-boosting effects of using lavender essential oils.

#3. To relieve anxiety 

Lavender essential oil has been used to relieve anxiety, it is reported that inhalation of lavender essential oil for 3 minutes a day may decrease anxiety. If you’re looking to bring balance to your life, our Calming Lavender essential oil-infused wax melts may do just the trick. We recommend melting 2–3 of our lavender-infused wax melts toward the end of the day to help combat stress. Studies show that cortisol levels tend to peak around 5 pm, so we recommend planning your aromatherapy routine with this in mind. If you’re pre-planning, choose a wax warmer with a built-in 3-6-9 hour timer that will allow you to prepare your fragrance ahead of time so it can be melted by the time you get home! 

Studies show as little as 3 minutes of inhaling lavender may reduce anxiety.

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