Learn More About Our Wax Warmer Accessories

Whether you fancy the coffee-scented wax melts for your day to day duties or prefer to melt away the stress of the day with our aromatherapy wax melts, you can rest assured that our wax warmer accessories like our silicone wax melt dishes make your mission of cleaning used wax out of the wax melt warmer effortless. But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself when you try our wax warmer accessories with our best-selling wax melts and delectable fall scented wax melts!

Designed for Happy Wax wax melt warmers, the silicone wax warmer replacement dish is the easiest way to clean your wax melt warmers once your scented bears have melted away. Simply allow the melted wax to harden, pop out the wax, rinse, and start it all over again with a new delicious scent! Stock up on these dishes for your signature or classic wax warmers in colors like blue, clear, and gray.

Sick of cleaning wax melting trays out after each use in your current wax melt warmer? Say no more! With Happy Wax wax warmer popper liners, your wax melt removal job just got even easier. Simply pop a liner into your clean wax melt warmer tray, add a scented bear or two, and indulge in the safe, natural scent of your choosing. Once your bears have melted down completely, pop the hardened wax out of the popper and get on with your day.

The ultra-compact and convenient USB adapter is a perfect backup to keep on hand at home when your original wax melt warmer adapter seems to go missing. Simply plug your micro USB cable into the AC adapter, power up, and melt your stress away with your favorite essential oil-infused fragrances!

More From Happy Wax®

From safe and natural scented wax melts to your favorite wax warmer accessories and even delicious-smelling car air fresheners to accompany you to and from the office, Happy Wax® makes it easy to indulge in the mood-boosting scents you love without worrying about breathing in toxic or harmful chemicals found in conventional fragrances products.

Now, you can get the scents you want in the quantities you need to keep melting as much as you like to with a Happy Wax® Subscription Box! Enjoy new, fresh scents hand-picked and delivered right to your door on a quarterly or annual basis, and never worry about stocking up on your essential scents again! Simply choose the subscription box that best suits your style. Choose from adventurous, classic, or seasonal and wait in anticipation to see what sniff-worthy scents show up at your door!

Shop Happy Wax® wax warmer accessories and scented wax products today and start playing the scent soundtrack of your life with the fragrances that spark creativity, joy, and happiness.