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Mod Wax WarmersMod Wax Warmers
Mod Wax Warmers
Sale price$50.00
Mini Mod Wax WarmersMini Mod Wax Warmers
Mini Mod Wax Warmers
Sale price$35.00
Timer Outlet Wall Plug-In Wax WarmersTimer Outlet Wall Plug-In Wax Warmers
Timer Outlet Wall Plug-In Wax Warmers
Sale price$30.00
Outlet Plug-In Wax WarmersOutlet Plug-In Wax Warmers
Outlet Plug-In Wax Warmers
Sale price$19.95
Signature Wax Melt WarmersSignature Wax Melt Warmers
Signature Wax Melt Warmers
Sale price$44.95
Himalayan Salt Wax WarmersHimalayan Salt Wax Warmers
Himalayan Salt Wax Warmers
Sale price$60.00

Wax warmers slowly warm and melt your scented wax cubes. While wax melts can give off a faint scent when cold, wax melt warmers are the heat source needed to fill a room with a sweet or savory aroma. Wax warmers come in various shapes and sizes, so you can choose the style that works for you. At Happy Wax, we have multiple wax melt warmers available with unique features to help you get the most out of your wax melts.

Many features make our wax warmers stand out from the rest. We have a wax melt warmer to fit all your needs so you can enjoy your favorite scents in any room you want! All you need is an outlet and your favorite scent! 

A Wax Warmer that Puts You in Control

Most of our wax melt warmers come with an integrated 3-6-9 hour auto shut-off timer, so you can easily manage how long your wax burns. This unique feature puts you in charge of how slowly or quickly your fragrance is delivered. The auto shut-off feature gives you peace of mind knowing that your warmer will turn off even if you forget! 

Wax Melt Warmers in All Shapes and Sizes

Whether you want your scented wax warmer to be a statement piece or a hidden secret, we have a wax warmer for you. 

Mod Warmer

Our best-selling Mod Wax Warmer is perfect for large spaces like living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. It's sleek design lines and multiple color options make it perfect for any decor.

Mini Mod Warmer

The  Mini Mod Wax Warmer is a great addition to offices, smaller bedrooms, and dens and still features the same 3-6-9 hour timer as the Mod.

Outlet Wax Warmers

For those who want a great smell without a lot of fuss, the Outlet Plug-in Wax Warmer is ideal. With a rotatable base for horizontal or vertical plugs, you can plug it in any wall in the house. The Timer Outlet Plug-in Wax Warmer has all the same great features of the Outlet Warmer plus the 3-6-9 hour integrated timer, so you don't have to worry about remembering to turn it off. Simply set it, smell it, and forget it. These warmers are great for smaller spaces like bathrooms, laundry rooms, or offices!

Once you have your wax warmer game in place, it's time to stock up on some quality scents. Our wax melts  and candles are all made from all natural soy wax infused with essential oils. No parabens or phthalates, no cheap paraffin wax. We make fragrance healthier so you can breathe easy.