3 Must-Try Tips to Avoid WFH Burnout

3 Must-Try Tips to Avoid WFH Burnout

#1. Put On Shoes 

Ok, so you don't have to throw on your slingbacks, but you can ditch your PJ's for something work-appropriate. This will signal to your brain that you're now in "work mode". So what does this really mean? Well, research published in the Human Resource Development Quarterly, found that participants reported feeling more authoritative, trustworthy, and competent when wearing formal business attire. Researchers at Northwestern University actually coined a term for the psychological transformation that happens when we dress up for work. They created the term, “enclothed cognition” to describe "the systematic influence that clothes have on the wearer's psychological processes". If you're having a hard time finding the motivation to trade your PJ's for polos, opt for an aromatherapy home fragrance product that will kick start your senses. Our Grapefruit Mangosteen essential oil-infused wax melts are a spirited blend of potent citrus essentials oils, the perfect push of motivation to get you up and moving. We recommend melting 2-3 melts right when you wake up or while you are enjoying your morning coffee. As you move about your morning, you can be rest assured the fragrances will be working in the background. 

#2. Location, Location, Location

Anja Jamrozik, a cognitive scientist, reported in an interview with Yahoo News, that there are five basic things everyone needs to work well: access to natural light, a comfortable temperature, good air quality, comfortable furniture, and a plan to minimizing distractions. Separate your work area from your personal space. This will help your mind differentiate between the "work you" and the "home you". Since not everyone has the budget to splurge on a temporary home office redesign, online interior design magazine Design Milk has created budget-friendly ways to transform any space into a home office. They recommend looking for areas of the home that offer natural lighting. “Lighting has a major impact on productivity, especially for those whose work requires staring at a computer,” says Cheryl Eisen, founder and president of Interior Marketing Group in New York City. “Natural light is the best way to go, but if you don’t have access to that, opt for LED lighting, because it creates clean, comfortable light without glare and is energy-efficient.” If accessible, we recommend sectioning off part of your dining room or living room avoiding the bedroom if possible. This will help decrease any overlap between the "work you" and the "home you". Additionally, to help cultivate your work area, designate certain fragrances for different areas of the home to further signal to the brain which areas require the "work you" and which areas are the "home you". We recommend melting 2-3 of our Eucalyptus Spearmint wax melts, infused with spearmint essential oils, in your new designated home office space. Recent studies published in the International Journal of Neuroscience found a distinct difference when comparing the outcomes of using ylang-ylang and spearmint essential oils for aromatherapy. Their research found that using products containing peppermint & spearmint essential oils as part of a regular aromatherapy routine, enhanced the memory of test subjects, while ylang-ylang impaired the memory of test subjects. 

#3. Treat Yo' Self

The bottom line, it's all about creating balance; Studies show scheduling 5-10 minute breaks throughout the day will give your brain a breather and boost productivity. If you're having trouble adjusting to your new work from home schedule try implementing the Pomodoro technique. Set your timer for 25 minutes and get to work. After the 25 minutes is up take a short 5 minute break, and practice this until you get up to four consecutive rounds. By scheduling set breaks, you're more likely to power through the 25 minute segments knowing that a 5 minute break is coming up. If you need help disconnecting, one study performed by the Biological Science Laboratories suggests that using products with cedarwood essentials oils may help promote mild sedative effects. They found that animal test subjects who inhaled cedarwood essential oils had "marked sedative effects." We recommend melting 2-3 of our Bourbon & Wood wax melts when you're feeling stressed, which may help ease your mind. 

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