8 Reasons to Choose Wax Melts Over Diffusers

There are plenty of ways to fragrance your home, but some methods are easierand better for your health—than others. If you’ve spent any time on the Internet lately, you know that scented wax melts and wax warmers have been sweeping the home tech market, and for good reason: they have the aesthetic of a candle while dispersing essential oils into the air like a diffuser. 


1. Wax melts infused with essential oils can promote aromatherapy.

According to scientific studies, essential oils have the ability to interact with the brain and the nervous system to impact mood and health. One of the easiest (and most pleasant) ways to achieve these benefits is through aromatherapy, where these concentrated oils are breathed in, allowing them to stimulate the olfactory system in the brain. Good-quality wax melts that are healthier for everyone will contain essential oil fragrances. These amazing scented wax melts and wax warmers require only a few pieces of wax in your favorite fragrance to turn your office or home into a stress-relieving oasisjust make sure that you shop for wax melts that are infused with essential oils. For more tips on shopping for wax melts infused with essentials oils, read our blog post: 10 Wax Melts for Aromatherapy.

Studies show that using Lemon Verbena Wax melts as part of a regular aromatherapy routine can drastically improve energy levels & elevate mood! 


2. Wax melts are much easier to change fragrances.

If you’ve never used wax melts before, you may not know that one of the best parts about using wax melts is that you can change scents in seconds! To change wax melt scents, the only thing you need to do is “pop” out used wax. The issue with diffusers is that if you want to change fragrances—mid-diffusing—you will need to dump out all the water/essential oil mixture, which could get messy and result in the waste of expensive essential oils. With wax melts, once the wax has finished melting, you simply “pop” used wax right out to change fragrances. The fragrance is already mixed into the wax, so you don’t have to deal with messy fragrance and essential oils.

Wax Warmer with a "no scrape" silicone dish 


3. With wax melts, there’s no guessing as to how much fragrance you need.

The issue with diffusers is that you’re constantly playing a guessing game when it comes to how much fragrance you need to use in your diffuser. If you add too much of the essential oil fragrance, you may find yourself wasting expensive essential oils—or even creating a fragrance that is too strong or harsh, requiring you to dump out the scent and start all over. Fragrance companies have in-house perfumists who mix the proportionate amount of fragrance oil into the wax, taking out all the guesswork for your aromatherapy experience. When the wax melts are placed in their wax melt warmer, the essential oils are released, yielding a delightful aromatherapy experience.


4. Wax melts are cheaper than essential oil diffusers.

To fully understand the benefits of choosing wax melts over diffusers, you need to weigh the costs of diffusers & and essential oils vs. the total costs of wax melts & wax melt warmers. Both diffusers and wax melting require two separate units to deliver their fragrance experiences. With diffusing, you need both a diffuser and essential oils to deliver this type of fragrance experience. With wax melting, you also need two components: a wax melter and scented wax melts. The average cost of an essential oil 3-pack is $29.99. In the essential oil 3-pack, you can usually get three 10-oz. containers of essential oils, therefore costing you around $10 per essential oil bottle. Did you know that you can get the same level of aromatherapy experience with half the cost by switching to wax melts? Many wax melt companies already have the essential oils mixed into the wax melts, so you can still get the same level of aromatherapy experience at a fraction of the cost. For example, every Happy Wax Classic Tin yields 100+ hours of home fragrance experience. With about 24 wax melts in each Classic Tin, that breaks down to 8 hours of aromatherapy and fragrance time per wax melt. The cost of a single Classic Tin is usually around $12.95 but can get to as low as $10 a tin if you buy 4 Classic Tins at a time! With 24 wax melts in each tin, if you use 2-3 wax melts every time you melt, this will yield about 7x of aromatherapy experiences! Furthermore, if you have to throw out moldy essential oil diffuser water, that contains costly essential oils, and you could be wasting additional dollars that you could be saving by wax melting.


5. Diffusers can cause toxic mold.

As the essential oil craze continues to grow and buyers seek safer, more natural alternatives to health and home care needs, natural home fragrances are likewise rising in popularity. Diffusers are appliances that disperse essential oils as a vapor throughout the air. The vapor is made by combining essentials oils with water, which is then compressed into a mist. The issue with diffusers is that they can increase the amount of water in the air of your home and lead to added moisture in the air, which can therefore increase humidity and encourage mold & mildew growth. In addition, if trace amounts of water are left in the diffuser basin, this can also contribute to mold & mildew growth. Mold and mildew spores love water and thrive in moist, damp conditions, so it’s best if you try to minimize the number of areas where water can accumulate in your home.


Mold & Mildew caused by build up of moisture from diffusers.


6. Wax melt warmers come in a variety of styles, colors, and designs!

One issue with essential oil diffusers is that they all come in similar designs, shapes, and patterns. There doesn’t seem to be much variety in the market for diffusers that come in anything other than teardrop shape with the oval opening at the top where the mist comes out. Wax melt warmers, on the other hand, come in a variety of shapes, styles, designs, and sizes. With wax melt warmers, you can customize them for small, medium, and large spaces—unlike diffusers, which seem to only be a one-size-fits-all item!



7. Diffusers are only designed to accommodate large spaces.

Due to the limited shapes and sizes of diffusers available, they are typically designed for large and medium spaces—-which doesn’t allow much accommodation for small spaces like bathrooms or powder rooms. With wax melts & wax melt warmers, there is a wide variety of sizes and shapes that are intentionally designed to serve different-sized spaces. For example, large tabletop wax warmers are designed to emit fragrance through very large-size spaces, like a living room or bedroom. On the other hand, small plug-in wax warmers are designed to deliver fragrances through smaller-sized spaces, like a bathroom or a powder room. This is because small plug-in warmers can only hold 1-3 wax melts without the wax overflowing/spilling out from the top of the warmer. Meanwhile, large tabletop warmers are designed to hold larger amounts of wax that emit a stronger, more powerful fragrance capable of permeating very large rooms.


8. You can customize your own fragrance with wax melting.

One benefit with wax melting is that you can customize your fragrances by mixing wax melts! For example, you can mix wax melts like you would mix ingredients to combine fragrances and make your own fragrance “recipes.” For example, here at the Happy Wax office, one employee’s favorite recipe is mixing equal parts vanilla and espresso to create a wonderful latte fragrance—we swear it smells just like a coffee shop! One Happy Wax customer has even suggested mixing 1 part pumpkin souffle with 1 part vanilla sandalwood and 1 part cinnamon chai to create a wonderful apple pie fragrance!


You can customize your own fragrances with wax melting! 


I finally moved into my new office and opened my warmer. Very nice but disappointed since it did not have the timer on it. I thought the grey stripe warmer was one of the warmers that offered it. I cannot even find it on website to compare to what I thought I ordered. Maybe you can clarify for me if it was by error or if I really picked a no timer warmer. Thanks!!

Carla Stone March 25, 2019

My daughter bought me the Apple Harvest scent for a Christmas gift (2018) and I have had so many people asking me about what I have that smells so good in my home. Just wanted to let you know and I have ordered a few samples to try….
Home Sweet Home!

Deborah March 25, 2019

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