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p> Happy Wax aromatherapy wax melts use natural ingredients to generate long-lasting fragrances that work better than toxic, conventional aromatherapy products. With more than 20 scents to choose from and a minimum of 60 hours of scent time with just one 2 ounce pouch, our aromatherapy wax melts are the simplest solution to restoring your focus, balance, energy and inspiration, all while melting away the stress of the day.

Our flame-free wax melt warmers make it easy to brighten up any home, office, classroom, or yoga studio with the essential oils you need to set the mood without fear of flames causing a fire or burning small hands. Since all Happy Wax wax melt warmers include wax melt accessories like our no-scrape silicone dish, wax removal is quick and easy.

From the invigorating infusion of our lemongrass and eucalyptus Refresh Wax Melts perfect for a midday pick me up, to the nourishing essence of vanilla, patchouli, and botanicals swirled together in the Soothe Wax Melts , Happy Wax aromatherapy wax melts offer a mood-enhancing comfort you can feel good about. Choose one or all of the following aromatherapy wax melts to bring personalized peace and serenity to your space in a matter of minutes!


Find balance and peace in your daily life with the floral rose and sandalwood scents offered by our Balance Wax Melts. Breathe in deeply and be swept away by the calming aroma of fresh rose, patchouli, cedarwood, and cinnamon essential oils.


With bright, uplifting aromatic notes of eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree, and rosemary, Focus Wax Melts wake your senses up in the most pleasant way possible so you can kick off your day feeling ready for anything. Keep this one close by at work for a midweek pick me up!


Refresh, invigorate, and re-energize your mind and mood with a high-spirited blend of grapefruit, mint, zesty lime, and lemon essential oils that make up our Energize Wax Melts . We aren't sure what you will love more; how these citrusy notes brighten your mood, or that just two bears deliver eight hours of sniff-worthy scents!


When creativity is lacking, it's time to put the Inspire Wax Melts to the test. With crisp notes of pear blended with orange, cedarwood, and caffeine-rich tea leaves, there's no telling what these inspiration-packed bears will help you create.

When aromatherapy wax melts aren't the right scent for your event, Happy Wax has dozens of best-selling backups ready to set the mood. Whether your office space could use the percolating pick-me-up of a coffee-scented wax melt or the memory-stirring freshness of crisp, sweet fall-scented wax melts, we're certain you will find our best selling wax melts deliver nothing but a smile to your face and indulgent aromas to your senses.