What Your Favorite Fall Drink Says About Your Scent Preference

What Your Favorite Fall Drink Says About Your Scent Preference

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As the days grow shorter, and the streets become peppered with the orange and red hues of fallen leaves, many of us embrace the change in season by revamping our daily rituals. You may find yourself trading afternoons spent poolside with pina coladas for mornings wrapped in your favorite fall throw, sipping savory delights. From cult classic pumpkin spice lattes to creamy caramel macchiatos, there are so many fall favorites to go 'round. 

You can tell a lot about the affinities of a person, even by as little information as what they drink. Did you know, both smell and taste use chemoreceptors, which essentially means they are both sensing the chemical environment. With such a strong connection between smell and taste, it’s no wonder that your taste preference can inform a lot about your scent preferences as well.  If you’ve ever wondered what your favorite fall drink says about your scent preference, continue reading below. 


Apple Cider 

It's officially fall, which can only mean that it's time for one of the season's most lovable drinks to make a comeback: Apple Cider.  Whether you like yours iced, blended, or — our personal favorite piping hot out of a cauldron, you may find yourself with a classic case of OCD (obsessive cider drinking). If that diagnosis resonates with you, it could say a lot about your affinity for aromatic apples and the scent of strong spices. To complement this cider compulsion, we’d prescribe a tall order of our Green Apple Cardamom scented wax melts. Melt our Green Apple Cardamom wax melts and you’ll be greeted with the scents of crisp, granny smith apple wrapped in a cozy, harvest medley of green cardamom, spicy ginger, toasted nutmeg, and aromatic cassia.

Green Apple Cardamom Wax Melts


Caramel Macchiato 

This signature fall drink boasts a flavor profile of freshly steamed milk with vanilla-flavored syrup marked with espresso and topped with a caramel drizzle for an oh-so-sweet finish. If you find yourself hastily graduating from tall to venti, you may have earned yourself a bachelor’s in fine fall drinks. If this is a degree you feel you’ve earned, it could say a lot about your proclivity for savory scents. We’d recommend pairing this drink with our Salted Caramel scented wax melts. Melt our Salted Caramel scented wax melts and you’ll detect delightful fragrance notes of salted caramel wrapped in smooth, velvety buttercream embellished with a dash of warm kitchen spice and gently chopped toffee brittle.

Salted Caramel Wax Melts


Pumpkin Spice Latte 

We had to save the best for last, of course. A signature espresso and steamed milk with the celebrated flavor combination of pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove there’s no surprise that this fall drink reigns supreme for the season. If you find yourself divulging in this cult classic year after year, it could speak to your propensity for celebrating savory yet sweet scent notes that this fall drink produces. We’d recommend reaching for a wax melt scent with a fragrance profile that yields just that. Try a combination of our Pumpkin Soufflé and Cinnamon Stick wax melts. Baking is a science, and our Pumpkin Soufflé melts are no exception—you’ll detect hints of ginger, saffron, cinnamon, brown sugar, molasses, nutmeg, clove, and allspice in these buttery, delicious-smelling treats. Combine that with the bold spices in our Cinnamon Stick wax melts for a fragrance that is simply mouthwatering!



Pumpkin Soufflé Wax Melts


From scents of classic warm spices to fresh foliage to bakery-fresh treats, there’s no better way to usher autumn into your home than with the fragrances of fall. Want to shop the scents of the season? Check out our entire line of fall scented wax melts!


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