Scent Spotlight: Apple

Scent Spotlight: Apple

The perfect fall fragrance, melt any apple scented wax melts and you’re sure to be transported to autumn afternoons spent at the orchard. A crisp, full-bodied fragrance, there's no wonder that apple scents dominate the shelves during the fall season. Read below to discover all the benefits of bringing this popular fall fragrance into your home!

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When You've Had a Long Day 

A clinical trial published by The Smell and Taste Treatment Research Foundation discovered that the smell of apples had a positive effect on reducing the severity of migraines. They found that the smell of apples may help reduce the migraine’s brain-thumping symptoms. For treating migraines, we always recommend seeing a medical professional for medical advice.

To combat a stressful day you can also try melting apple scented wax melts. Let the scent of full-bodied, orchard or Macintosh scent apples take all your worries away! 

Plays Well With Others

We love the scent of apples for their blend-ability. Apple fragrances mix well with fragrances like spices and vanilla, which create a warm medley of soothing aromas. If you're looking to take the guesswork out of wax melt mixing, try our Apple Berry Shortbread Wax Melts. Irresistible notes of homemade, farmhouse shortbread gleam with crisp apple accents and luscious blueberries baked with browned butter and sugary vanilla. This is one fragrance you must try for fall!

Known for Its Potency

Apple fragrances are known to be a dominating aroma. With that in mind, we recommend using apple scents to fragrance larger spaces like a living room or den area. Looking for a potent apple scent to fragrance your home? Try our Apple & Pear scented wax melts! Melt our Apple & Pear wax melts and you'll detect the celebratory scent of fresh-picked Cosmic Crisp apple illuminated by breezy orchard greens and crisp Bartlett pear touched by tart green apple accents. 

The moral of this story? Next time you need something relaxing to help wind down the day, drop the sweet, a-peel-ing fragrance of apple scented wax melts into your wax warmer! You cant go wrong! A comforting aroma, there’s no wonder this fragrance is one of the most popular scents for fall!

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