Mini Mod Warmers in assorted colors

The Happy Guide to Wax Warmers

Our wax warmers provide a flame-free solution for enjoying your favorite fragrances throughout your home!

Designed to warm scented wax, each warmer gently releases your favorite fragrances into the air. 

Whether shopping for your home or for gifts for the holiday season, follow our handy guide below to choose the best warmer for your space!

For Smaller Spaces 

Outlet Warmers

Our Plug-in Outlet warmer is a simple, compact wax warmer that delivers a variety of fragrances to any room in the home—perfect for the bathroom, kitchen, and children's bedrooms. Features an on/off switch and a rotatable base that works in both vertical and horizontal outlets!

Timer Outlet Warmers

Our Timer Outlet warmer is a simple, compact wax warmer that features an 3-6-9 hour timer and a rotatable base that works in both vertical and horizontal outlets! This warmer also doubles as a night light, giving off a warm, ambient glow. 

Mini Mod Warmers

Our Mini Mod Warmers have everything you know and love about our Mod Warmers, now in a mini size! These warmers are great for smaller spaces, dorms, and for your desk, as the USB-C to USB-C cord can plug directly into most laptops (adaptor not included). These warmers feature a 3-6-9 hour auto timer, built-in ceramic heater, and silicone wax melt dish for easy-as-pie removal. They're in 5 gorgeous mini styles to perfectly pair with your home decor. 

Tabletop Warmers 

Our Tabletop Warmers are perfect for areas like desks, side tables, or entryways. Enjoy room filling fragrance in a smaller, more compact size. Although designed to be used plugged into a power source, this wax warmer has a rechargeable battery for short periods of usage unplugged. It has a maximum 2 hour battery life when fully charged. 


For Larger Spaces

Mod Warmers 

Our elegant, ceramic Mod Warmers come with a printed-on design and feature a built-in ceramic heater. (Translation for veteran melters: no more replacing light bulbs!) Features a 3-6-9 hour auto timer and comes in a variety of beautiful styles to fit your home decor! 

Signature Warmers

Our Signature Warmers are great for larger rooms and features an integrated 3-6-9 hour timer, rubberized anti-skid base, and built-in ceramic heater. Signature Warmers also emit a warm, soft glow creating a calm, relaxing atmosphere.

Himalayan Salt Warmers

Our Handcrafted Himalayan Salt Warmers made with REAL Himalayan Salt are the perfect decorative addition to and home decor and the steady glow from the included 40W candelabra bulb provides soft, ambient lighting. 

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