How does scent affect our mood?

How does scent affect our mood?

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We believe in the power of fragrance!

Fragrance plays an important role in our lives. Have you ever smelled a scent and immediately it evoked a memory from some point in your life? Have you ever felt stressed, and looked for a calming scent to help improve your mood? We have, and that’s why our brand was created – to help you get happy through the power of fragrance.

We're taking a closer look at how scent affects our mood, and more importantly, which scents can provide us the best opportunity to create an environment of happiness!

Our sense of scent is directly linked to the part of our brain that handles emotions and memories. In order for a scent to evoke a feeling, we first have to associate it with some sort of experience.

Maybe a brisk ocean scent reminds you of a beach vacation from your childhood. The smell of lavender brings you back to your mother's summer garden.

This association creates a chain reaction throughout our lives. The scents we have strong positive associations with alter our mood in a positive way. And that positive mood then affects our thoughts and behaviors. A loved scent can improve creativity, productivity, and the ability to assist others in problem solving.

At Happy Wax, we offer scents that you may already have associations with; and are creating new, fun, unforgettable fragrances that you may be experiencing for the first time. We could not be *happier* to have you on the journey with us!

Scent the mood with our favorite associations below!

Calming Lavender Smells like:  a walk through the herb garden or a day at the spa
Bonfire Soy Wax MeltsSmells like: the warm glow of camping on a cool summer night
Apple Harvest Soy Wax MeltsSmells like: a mug of hot apple cider on the first day of fall

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