Summer Mix Guide

Summer Mix Guide

Summer fragrances often have us dreaming of our favorite destination locations. Inspired by landscapes, these scents conjure images of tranquil marine waters, palm fronds, lush greenery, and plush summer flowers. When we think of summer scents, sun-washed berries, sparkling citruses, and fresh florals typically come to mind.  

The really fun thing about summer scents? They can be mixed and matched to create your own customized fragrances. For example, maybe you like Mixed Berry and Vanilla Sandalwood on their own, but melt them together and you can create a quirky blend of yummy scents that is bound to bring out the best of both. Need a little more inspiration? Read along our latest blog for more mix ideas! 

#1.  Warm Summer Sun Mix 

Love to feel the warm embrace of the summer sun? This next mix of fragrances is designed to emulate that exact feeling. Pair equal parts of our Vanilla Sandalwood Wax Melts with our Soothe Wax Melts to create a balancing harmonious scent of elegant sandalwood and smooth patchouli wrapped in sweet tonka nuances, warm cedar, and refreshing golden bergamot. A nice break from the traditional refreshing summer scents, this mix of Vanilla Sandalwood and Soothe Wax Melts is a warm, inviting fragrance reminiscent of summer days spent by the shore. We recommend pairing this mix of fragrances with a wax warmer and letting this blend of scents lull you into a relaxing summer slumber. 


Mix 2 parts Vanilla Sandalwood with 2 parts Soothe to create a warm summer sun inspired fragrance.

#2. Sweet Summer Lemonade Mix 

Create a sweet summer lemonade-inspired fragrance by mixing our Lemon Verbena scented soy wax melts with our Sublime Lemon Lime fragrance. A delicious blend of sweet sugary notes in Lemon Verbena combine with the zesty fragrances of Sublime Lemon Lime to create a mixture that is sure to excite the senses. This blend of fragrances is perfect for a kitchen, or anywhere you want to add a touch of brightness to your home! To get started, we recommend mixing 2 of our Lemon Verbena wax melts with 1 of our Sublime Lemon Lime wax melts. 


Mix 2 parts Lemon Verbena and 1 part Sublime Lemon Lime to create a summer lemonade inspired fragrance. 

#3. Beach Breeze Mix 

Picture days spent strolling along the beachside boardwalk in your favorite maxi dress, with the cool beach breeze wafting off the ocean and flowing through your hair. Recreate that feeling by mixing equal parts Fresh Cotton, Coastal Tide, and Jasmine Honeysuckle to create this beachy blend. Melt this mix of fragrances and you’ll detect notes of sun washed linens, sea salt, tropical citrus, and a touch of florals. We know you’ll love this mix of summer fragrances just as much as we do. 

Mix 1 part Fresh Cotton, 1 part Coastal Tide, and 1 part Jasmine Honeysuckle to create a beach breeze inspired fragrance. 

#4. Tiki Bar Mix 

What’s more fun than spending your summer poolside with your favorite tiki bar drink in hand? If you’re out of the typical ingredients, reach for your wax melts and mix equal parts Bronzed Coconut with equal parts Pina Colada. The result? An explosion of creamy coconut that is sure to make you feel like you’re sipping your favorite tropical summertime drinks - without the calories! 

Mix equal parts Bronzed Coconut with equal parts Pina Colada to create a customized Tiki Bar inspired mix! 

This summer, whether you’re venturing out of your home to your favorite destination or choosing to stay indoors create your own island oasis by mixing and matching wax melt fragrances. Our plug in wax warmers are easy to transport to your vacation rental, meaning you can take fresh summer scents with you on the go. 

Make sure to check out our new wax melt fragrance collection packs for even more combo options. Our new collections packs are replacing our old Happy Wax mixes and come with three individually-wrapped sample pouches so you know you’re getting the same quantity of each fragrance. We know you’ll enjoy melting them as much as we enjoy making them!

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