Behind the Bears: How Happy Wax melts are made!

Behind the Bears: How Happy Wax melts are made!

When it comes to home fragrance, you can have it all. We were tired of choosing between all natural products so weak you could barely smell them or chemical-filled products with toxic ingredients that claim to last longer. We believe in fragrance without compromise - no parabens or phthalates, no cheap paraffin wax.

At Happy Wax, our fragrances are designed by masterful experts using concentrated scent that is designed to last longer. Translation: you can actually smell them. Trust us, they will fill your entire room. Plus, we use soy wax infused with essential oils so you can breathe easy. All Happy Wax melts are mixed and made right here in North Carolina by our amazing team of wax connoisseurs. Take a peek into our magical manufacturing process below!

The Raw Materials

Happy Wax melts all start with all natural soy wax. We use soy instead of paraffin as it is sustainable, non-toxic, and provides a cleaner melt. Our fragrance oils are carefully crafted with industry-leading experts to provide the highest quality scent to you. We use essential-oil infused fragrance oil of the highest concentration, meaning the scents you love will fill your whole room with fragrance.

Melting and Mixing

The manufacturing process begins by melting our soy wax from a pellet form to a liquid form. This step must be done carefully to avoid scorching or overheating the wax. Once the wax has liquefied, your favorite Happy Wax fragrance oils are added. The oils blend harmoniously with the melted wax, infusing it with captivating scents that will later fill your space.

Pouring and Cooling

After the wax and oils have been thoroughly mixed, the fragrant mixture is poured into what we call our Gummy-Tron. That's right, in order to make our adorable bear-shaped wax melts, our team repurposed and reengineered an old gummy bear production line! The Gummy-Tron dispenses the right amount of liquid wax into bear shaped molds that then take a long ride through a cooler to solidify.

Finishing Touches

After running through the cooler, the solid wax melts are flipped out of their molds and dropped into bins for quality checking. Our team sifts out any small pieces of wax or defective melts that may have broken in the cooling process (don't worry, we remelt this wax and use it in the next batch of the same scent). This ensures that every bag of Happy Wax melts is filled with full, happy bears!

Packaging and Presentation

All those happy bears now make their way to packaging! They are pulled up a conveyer to the top of our two story pouch filler (a repurposed chip packager)! The bears are poured into hoppers that weigh out the correct amount for each pouch. Each batch is then dropped into it's Happy Wax pouch and heat sealed for optimal freshness.

Mailed with love from us to YOU

After packaging, our wax melts are ready to be "scent" out to you, our wonderful customers! Our warehouse team carefully picks and packs each order by hand, just steps away from where the wax melts were made! All that's left to do is pop these seriously scented bears into your Happy Wax warmer and melt into relaxation mode!

Shop all natural soy wax melts made in the USA!

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