Scent Spotlight: Cinnamon

Cozy up Cinnamon Chai lovers! There are so many reasons to go crazy for cinnamon: the unique flavor it adds to your favorite recipes, the antioxidant anti-inflammatory properties, and the fact that one small scoop packs a potent punch! Life is just better with cinnamon! 

For now, let’s focus on what we consider its most legendary quality: the scent of cinnamon. 

Cinnamon Scented Wax Melts

Cinnamon May Be Medicine for the Brain

Need a productivity boost? The scent of cinnamon and its invigorating spice notes can help.  Here’s the low-down: the scent of cinnamon was found to increase learning in poor-learning mice. Research performed by Dr. Kalipada Pahan at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs found that after one month of exposure to cinnamon scents, poor-learning mice were able to decrease the time it took in problem solving related tasks from 150 seconds to 60 seconds. So next time you need a little cognitive boost, reach for the scent of cinnamon! We recommend melting 2-3 of our adorable flame-free cinnamon scented wax melts in any standard wax warmer



Put Cinnamon to the Test

It’s no surprise that cinnamon is one of the most popular smells of fall. From potpourri to candles to wax melts, the scent of cinnamon is known to fill the aisles during fall. The timeless popularity of cinnamon scents can even be traced back as far as the ancient Egyptians who used the scent of cinnamon as a perfume. 


Ancient Egyptians Used Cinnamon as Perfume

Whether you’re looking for a productivity booster or simply using cinnamon for its timeless fragrance, melting this popular fall fragrance is always a win-win! Slightly sweet, a little spicy, and 100% cozy, our Happy Wax Cinnamon Chai wax melts will transport you to your favorite coffee shop in fall! Perfect for cinnamon lovers looking for something a little “extra.” 

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