How to Use Your Happy Wax Mod Warmer

The Mod Wax Warmer provides a flame-free solution for enjoying your favorite fragrances throughout your home. Designed to warm scented wax it gently releases your favorite fragrances into the air. Follow the directions below to get the most out of your new Mod Warmer!  

STEP 1: Place warmer unit on a flat surface

Place the Mod Warmer on a level, heat-resistant, stain-resistant surface. Remove any plastic wrapping that is protecting your warmer unit and silicone dish. The Mod Warmer comes with a 3 ft long, 2-prong cord that is compatible with most standard outlets. 

STEP 2: Place silicone dish on ceramic top

All Happy Wax warmers come with our patent-pending "no scrape" silicone wax melt removal dish. Using this dish while you melt will allow you to easily change fragrances once you have finished melting! 

STEP 3: Place scented wax melts in warmer

We recommend placing 2-3 Happy Wax soy wax melt bears in your Mod Warmer (or 1-2 Oz. of other brand clamshell wax melts). You can add additional wax melts (depending on your preference), but make sure the wax is not filled above the top of the silicone dish. If too much wax is placed into the warmer it can cause overflow, and damage your unit. It is normal to see "steam" come out of our warmer while melting! Fun fact: this is actually the essential oils and fragrance oils evaporating from your wax melts! 

STEP 4: Plug in & choose your timer setting

Next, take the electrical cord and plug it into any standard outlet. After that, decide how long you would like your wax melts to warm. Press the “Power Timer” button once to turn the warmer on. The first light on the “Power Timer” button will light up once this step is complete. Next, select your desired melting period on the timer. Press the "Power Timer" button twice to set the timer to 3 hours, three times for 6 hours, and four times for 9 hours. You can also leave your warmer on the first "On" setting if you want to leave your warmer on without setting the timer. 

STEP 5: Choose your power level 

Now select your desired power level. Press the "Power Level" button once for the low temperature setting, twice for the medium temperature setting, or three times for high temperature setting. The high temperature setting will deliver your fragrance more quickly but your fragrance will last the shortest amount of time of the three settings. The high power setting is best for when you want your fragrance quickly. The low temperature setting may deliver your fragrance more slowly, but your fragrance will last longer. For a traditional wax melting experience, choose the medium power setting. 

STEP 6: How to change fragrances

Once you have finished melting, let the wax cool in the silicone dish. When the wax is completely cooled, it will be a more solid color. Simply lift the silicone dish off of the warmer, and "pop" the used wax right out! To start melting again, simply repeat these steps! 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use other brands wax melts in my Mod Wax Warmer? Yes, our Happy Wax warmers are compatible with all scented wax melts, cubes and tarts no matter what brand you use! Similarly, our scented wax melts are compatible with all scented wax melt, cube, and tart warmers. 
  • How do I care for my silicone dish? To make the most of your silicone dish we recommend wiping the dish down before and after each use with a gentle damp cloth. 
  • How tall is the Mod Wax Warmer? The Mod Warmer is large, tabletop wax warmer and is 6.5" tall. 
  • How does the Mod Warmer melt the wax? The Mod Warmer melts your wax melts via built-in ceramic heater. There are no bulbs required to use the Mod Warmer. 
  • Does the Mod Warmer have a cord? Yes the Mod Warmer has a 3.5 ft power cord. 

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