Break Out The Barbeque: 3 Tips For Summer Entertaining

Break Out The Barbeque: 3 Tips For Summer Entertaining

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Bring on the backyard gatherings and BBQs – summer has officially arrived! Spending time with friends and family – something we’ve all taken for granted in light of the pandemic – takes on a whole new meaning this season. 

You might feel a little rusty getting back into hosting mode and entertaining people at home. It is easy for things to get hectic between setting up tables, greeting guests, mixing drinks, and preparing tasty food – all while making sure everyone has a good time. It also means it’s easy for you to miss out on some of the socializing fun. 

This summer, Happy Wax is making it easier than ever to bring the party inside to keep the good times going! Check out our three top tips we think are perfect to get you started for summer 2021.

#1: Get in the Summer Hosting Mood

It’s safe to say we’re all eager for summer this year and looking forward to blue skies, fresh flowers, seasonal fruit and sunshine. So start the season on the right foot with our new summer fragrances like Bronzed Coconut, Mixed Berry, Driftwood & Iris, Sea Salt & Sage and White Lotus to kick off the summer season and enjoy those relaxing vibes. 

#2: Keep Your Bar Stocked with Refreshing Summer Drinks

Summer is known for its fun, fruity cocktails. Missing some key ingredients? Don't worry! Enjoy your favorite cocktails and pop some of our Watermelon Mojito, Pina Colada or Mango Daiquiri melts into your wax warmer and let the good times roll!

#3: Post-Party Wind Down

Once the party is over, switch scents and wind down with something more calming like Balance or Refresh. And if you feel like you really need a vacation after all that hard work, transport yourself to the coastline with the Beach Bear Collection

So, kick off those summer soirées, fire up the grill and enjoy celebrating with family and friends this season – we’ve all been longing for it. 

Written by: The Pollack Group

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