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Enjoy lasting fragrance without a flame! Our wax melting starter kits include everything you need: a wax warmer and three 2 oz pouches of premium natural soy wax melts.


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Safer Home Fragrance

Made With Natural Products

Soy wax infused with essential oils and made in the USA

Healthier & Happier

No parabens, no paraffin, and no phthalates

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Concentrated for room-filling fragrance

30+ Scents

30+ year round favorites, plus seasonal limited editions

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Wax Melts

  • 2 oz. Pouch - Approx. Count: 16 | Est. Scent Time: ~60 Hrs
  • 4 oz. Tin - Approx. Count: 24 | Est. Scent Time: ~100 Hrs
  • 8 oz. Pouch - Approx. Count: 60 | Est. Scent Time: ~240 Hrs

We recommend starting with 1-2 bear in our Outlet Plug-In Warmers, and 2–3 in our Signature or Mod Warmers. Mixing melts is highly recommended! Our rule of thumb is typically to melt 2 bears at a time for 8 hours of scent time, giving you more value and "melt mileage" than other brands.

Wax Warmer

Included in every warmer is our silicone wax melt removal dish which allows for super simple clean-up, unlike any other wax melter on the market. Once your wax cools off, simply remove the silicone liner and 'pop' out your used wax into the waste bin. No mess, no scrape, no problem!