How the monthly gift subscription works

Wax melt subscription boxes make the perfect gifts for friends and family! By purchasing this wax melt gift set subscription your loved one will receive a bundle of scents delivered right to their door, every month, for twelve consecutive months.

When will I/my loved one receive the first subscription box?

The first subscription box will arrive starting the first of the following month, from when the order was placed. For example, if you ordered the subscription box on 10/8/2020 the first subscription box would arrive 11/1/2020. For more details see an example timeline at the bottom of this page.  The start date can not be edited. 

How often do I pay & when do I pay?

You only pay once upfront! For Gift Subscriptions, the subscription will NOT be renewed after the then-current term expires. There are no recurring charges after the initial order of this gift subscription. The gift subscription will only charge your card once at the initial checkout, and will not recharge your card. 


You cannot cancel a Gift Subscription and the pre-paid fee is non-refundable. We reserve the right to revoke your subscription at any time as a result of a violation of these Terms or the Privacy Policy.

How the gift subscription payment works

By purchasing a Prepaid Subscription, you agree and acknowledge that your subscription has an initial pre-payment feature for the applicable length of service twelve months. You accept responsibility for all recurring charges prior to cancellation, including, where applicable, any charges processed by Happy Wax after the expiration date of your payment card. 


What does the monthly gift subscription schedule look like?

The subscription box will arrive to the shipping address noted at checkout starting the first of the following month. The start date can not be edited. 

For example if you checked out on September 15, 2020 your subscription delivery schedule would look like the following:

Example checkout date

Dates you/giftee receive subscription