Looking for a safer, healthier candle?

Non-toxic soy wax candles made happier.

Happy Wax candles are made with 100% all natural soy wax infused with essential oils. No toxic parabens or phthalates, no cheap paraffin wax. We make our candles healthier so that you can breathe easy!

Non Toxic

zero paraffin, parabens, or phthalates so you can breathe easy

Soy Wax

100% all natural soy wax, renewable and ethically sourced

Essential Oils

all natural fragrance infused with essential oils

Seriously Scented

concentrated for room-filling fragrance

There's more to melt over

Discover Happy Wax

Ready to go flame-free with your home fragrance? Our innovative wax warmers and non-toxic wax melts make scenting your home even happier!