Signature Wax Melt Warmers 2.0Signature Wax Melt Warmers 2.0

Signature Wax Melt Warmers 2.0

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Integrated 3-6-9 Hour Timer

Happy Wax Watercolor Mod Warmer - The Mod Wax Melt Warmer is the perfect way to fragrance your home flame-free! A built-in ceramic heater gently warms any scented wax melt, cube, or tart releasing your favorite fragrances in minutes! Looking for a wax warmer with a timer? The Mod Wax Melt Warmer also includes our "no scrape" silicone wax melt removal dish. Simply "pop" used wax right out of the dish to change scents in seconds. The Mod Wax Warmer features a 3-6-9 hour auto shut off timer.Mod Wax Warmers

Mod Wax Warmers

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3-6-9 Hour Timer + Temperature Settings