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Bath Bomb Scents You’ll Never Want to Soak Without!

Carefully created with the finest essential oils and hydrating butters, oils, and clays, Happy Wax® infused bath bombs rejuvenate the body, mind, and senses every time you drop a bear into the water.

In just a matter of minutes, your bear will start to fizz, releasing the stress-reducing scents you crave after a long day. Whether you prefer to soak in the strong scent of one entire bath bomb bear or find that a small amount best suits your senses, there is no wrong way to enjoy our safe and natural bath bombs for a moment of peace and relaxation. In fact, these “bear-y cute” bath bombs may even make getting your little one into the tub that much easier!

Refresh, restore, or calm the senses and your mood with any one of our scented bath bombs. No matter which 3-pack scent you choose, you can soak in certainty knowing your skin is getting the VIP treatment with ultra-hydrating coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, and kaolin clay. All you have to do is pick a scent, settle in, and soak away the stress of the day!

Calm Bath Bears

Melt away into a peaceful state of mind before hitting the hay with calming notes of soothing lavender waiting for you in the Calm Bath Bears 3 Pack. Experiment with bath bomb portions to lighten the mood, color, and scent, or see what the water has in store for you when you fizz one full bear!

Restore Bath Bears

With Restore Bath Bears, invigorating rosemary and peppermint essential oils blend together to deliver the rejuvenating scents you rely on to reset your mind after a long day or heading into a new week. Set the stage for a restful soak with dim lighting, meditative music, and a good book.

Refresh Bath Bears

Transform your bath water into a blissful cloud of mood-renewing fragrance and color with our Refresh Bath Bears. You’ll love how the tropical scent of lemongrass and minty notes of eucalyptus come together to breathe new life into your mind and mood.

Bath Bear Variety Pack

Can’t choose just one bear bath bomb scent? Then don’t! The Variety Bath Bears give you the best of all three bath bomb scents in one soothing pack you will love to have on hand when the need to calm, refresh or restore your mood strikes!

More from Happy Wax®

Don’t limit your stress-reducing scents to bath time! With Happy Wax® scented wax melts, you can de-stress anytime with the safe and natural scents you love. 

With our flame-free wax melt warmers and phthalate, paraben, and paraffin-free essential oil wax melts, you can brighten the mood in any space without fear of hot flames, potential fires, or chemical-infused fragrances. From coffee-scented wax melts ideal for a midday pick me up at the office to the decadent, mood-setting scents of our fall scented wax melts and the incredible line of fan-favorite best selling wax melts, we’re certain you will find the clean, floral, savory, sweet, or aromatherapy wax melts you can count on to set the mood in a matter of minutes. Don’t forget your extra wax warmer accessories!

Melt away the stress of the day anywhere you are with bath bombs, scented wax melts, and essential oil-infused air fresheners from Happy Wax®!