Winter Mix Guide: 4 Cheerful blends to keep the warm vibes going

Winter Mix Guide: 4 Cheerful blends to keep the warm vibes going

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Winter's here, and that means it's time to make your home feel warm and inviting with some fantastic scents. We've curated four cheerful mixes to make your place smell as cozy as it feels during this wonderful time of the year.


1. Ski Chalet

Whether you love gliding down the slopes or are more of a lodge-and-spa person, the mix of White Birch and Limited Edition Silver Embers will transport you to the mountains. Both capture white birch and blend it with creamy vanilla, praline, and cashmere swirled with sweet woodsmoke.

2. Pecan Chestnut Pie

Nutty goodness is in full swing with this blend. Roasted Chestnut and Pecan Pie mix bring vanilla, butter, cinnamon, ginger, and molasses together for a sticky sweet aroma that will fill your home with the smell of fresh baked goods.

3. Winter Air

Brace yourself for the frosty blend of Eucalyptus Balsam and Frosted Forest. These brisk and earthy scents combine mint and absinthe with fir, evergreen, and spruce. Imagine standing in a snow covered pine forest and breathing in really deep.

4. Sugar Cookie Snowfall

Sugared Leaves and Sugar Cookie is the perfect blend of earthy and sweet. Frosted vanilla, coconut, and cookie dough melt into soft amber, wood, and musk and are freshened with hints of currant and florals. This one will have your guests wondering what smells so good.

Comment your favorite winter mix suggestions below and check out all of our winter scents here!

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