How Do You Get Melted Wax Out Of Clothes?

How Do You Get Melted Wax Out Of Clothes?

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Are you wondering how to remove wax from clothes? You’re not alone! Whether it’s a drip from a candlestick or an accidental spill from your wax warmer, plenty of people find themselves looking for answers to how to remove wax from clothes and other fabrics.

As your trusted scented wax melt professionals, we have your tried-and-true methods for how to remove wax from clothes quickly and easily using what you (likely) already have at home.

Let’s get to it!

How To Remove Wax From Clothes in 3 Steps

First and foremost, check your garment’s care instructions before proceeding. If the garment is dry clean only, allow the wax to dry before heading to the dry cleaners for professional removal. If your garment is safe to treat at home, proceed with the following steps.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

We can’t answer the question of “How do you get melted wax out of clothes?” without first making sure your supplies are in order. Here is what you’ll need:

  • Paper towels
  • Dish towel
  • Butter knife (or knife with a somewhat dull edge)
  • Iron
  • Oxygen-based stain remover (Oxiclean, Shout, Spray & Wash, etc)
  • Washing machine

Step 2: Remove The Wax

If the wax spill is still fresh, allow the wax to fully dry before removing it. This will make removal much easier and help reduce the spread of any staining color used to make the wax. You can also speed up the wax drying process by hardening the wax with ice.

Once dry, try to remove the surface wax with a dull knife. If there is some wax remaining after initial removal, apply a dish towel underneath the garment and two dry paper towels on top of the wax. Press with a warm iron set to low-medium heat. Replace the paper towels as needed to help absorb as much wax as possible without spreading the stain. 

Once you have removed as much wax as possible, it’s time to treat any stains left behind by the coloring.

Step 3: Treat the Stain

With the stain face down on clean, dry paper towels, blot (don’t wipe!) the stain with a paper towel soaked in your oxygen-based stain remover. If the stain is deep or large, we recommend mixing a water/stain remover solution and allowing the garment to soak (see stain remover instructions for specific soaking times). Remove the solution after the allotted time and allow it to dry completely.

Once your garment dries and you are satisfied with the results, give your garment a wash. If any color remains, try washing with a color-safe bleach based on your garment’s wash instructions. By this point, your garment should be free and clear of any wax melt stains. If one remains, call your local dry cleaners for professional treatment.

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