Happy Wax x Eco Cart: Partnering to Offset Carbon Emissions

Happy Wax x Eco Cart: Partnering to Offset Carbon Emissions

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Being human means emitting carbon into the air without even realizing it, whether it's from taking a shower, charging our phones, or even yawning after a long day. And it's not just individuals who are guilty of carbon pollution. Businesses are also contributing to the problem--and Happy Wax is no exception. Did you know that every day in the United States, e-commerce packages travel a distance equivalent to going to the moon and back 133,000 times? It's crazy how much online shopping has transformed retail, but unfortunately, it's not always for the better.

As Happy Wax continues to grow, we recognize our responsibility to align our values with our actions to make a positive impact on the world. At Happy Wax, we firmly believe that we can be a successful business and a great corporate citizen simultaneously; in fact, we don't think we can be one without the other. Our team is passionate about making the world a better place, so corporate social responsibility is ingrained in our DNA.

That's why we're thrilled to announce that we're taking a big step towards reducing our carbon footprint. Happy Wax is now one of the few e-commerce brands to offset our carbon emissions from shipping. How will we do it? We're measuring our global footprint using international certification standards and taking steps to achieve carbon neutrality. Thanks to our partnership with EcoCart, for every Happy Wax item that ships, we balance out the environmental impact with a positive one.

So, when you receive a Happy Wax package at your doorstep, you'll know that you're not just getting something you love, but you're also contributing to a positive change in the world. We hope that by taking this initiative, we'll inspire others to follow suit and help make a difference.

What does it mean to offset emissions?

It means that for any carbon emissions released into our atmosphere as a result of shipping items at Happy Wax, we invest in projects that reduce carbon emissions by the same amount. It’s almost like we’re giving the planet an IOU, then immediately paying it back.

How does it work?

Now through 5/22, each time someone buys an item at Happy Wax, we will automatically purchase verified emissions reductions, more commonly known as “offsets” through our friends at EcoCart. These purchases support environmental projects, like wind and solar farms that create clean energy, or protecting trees that would otherwise be cut down so that they can continue to absorb carbon from the air. On top of it, we make sure that these projects are doing some extra good like protecting animals or supporting underserved communities.

What project are you supporting?

We have chosen to support the The Great Bear Forest Carbon Project, in honor of our love for bears (and bear shaped wax melts)! The Great Bear Forest Carbon Project is a vast area covering more than 14 million acres in British Columbia, Canada, protecting the largest remaining intact coastal temperate rainforest globally. It is home to unique species such as the Kermode bear, a fully white black bear, which has significant cultural importance to the indigenous peoples living in the area. The project is on First Nation territory, representing the first project in North America with unextinguished land rights and title. The project balances human well-being with improved forest management practices, distributing carbon credit revenue among the Coastal First Nations group. The project also allows for recreational use of the land, contributing to the local tourism economy while protecting cultural heritage sites from logging. The Great Bear Rainforest project is a groundbreaking initiative that balances the health of the forest with human needs while preserving the unique cultural and ecological values of the area.

Why is this important?

Happy Wax has always been conscious of our impact and actively worked to lighten our carbon footprint. We believe that if we all work together towards positive change, we can make the world a cleaner, healthier place.

Learn more about the Great Bear Forest Carbon Project here.

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