Behind The Bears: What it's like to work at a wax melt factory!

In this month’s blog post, we wanted to take the opportunity to discuss the backbone of our company—our amazing employees! Two Happy Wax employees took time out of their busy days to answer some questions to help Happy Wax customers get to know them and the company better. We interviewed Jazz and Freddy, who both work in the Happy Wax warehouse in Durham, North Carolina. Jazz and Freddy are, in fact, siblings, and were born and raised in Durham. Jazz, who has been with Happy Wax for almost two years now, is the production manager—and Freddy, who has been with Happy Wax a little over a year, is in charge of shipments and inventory.

Meet Jazz & Freddy! Two valued Happy Wax employees!

Question #1: What is your favorite Happy Wax scent?

Jazz: Jasmine Honeysuckle - and not just because the scent’s name is similar to hers!

Freddy: Coastal Tide - Freddy considers this scent to be one of the more masculine scents.

Question #2: Do you use Happy Wax products in your home? If so, which products?

Jazz: Yes, the classic wax warmer and the scent mixes.

Freddy: Yes, the travel warmer -  Freddy also brought Happy Wax home as gifts for Christmas and everyone keeps asking him for more!

Question #3: How would you describe the aroma of the factory?

Jazz: The aroma makes people say, “Oooh, you smell good!” when we go out for lunch, because we smell like the factory so much.

Freddy: Everyone says that we smell good when we go home. You can smell the aroma from the parking lot, especially if we are making a coffee scent.

Question #4: What is your favorite thing about the Happy Wax brand and what do you think makes it unique?

Jazz: I love that we are growing and constantly continuing to grow. When I first started, there were only three people, and now there are way more. I wear my Happy Wax T-shirt proudly and really love my job.

Freddy: I love that Happy Wax is born and raised in Durham, NC. The people that you get to work with and the things you learn are my favorite things. I didn't know anything about wax before I started working here, and now I know so much about it. We are different from other companies because of our soy wax and the bear shape. No other company can say they have bears or hearts.

Question #5: What is your favorite thing about your job?

Jazz: I love my job and I am very dedicated to it; if something goes wrong in the factory I will have a heart attack and panic. My favorite thing is coming in and meeting with my team, and I find it very fun to make the wax.

Freddy: My favorite thing is learning new things and being a part of a growing company.

Question #6: What do you like to do in your free time?

Jazz: I like to talk on the phone, chill with family, or go out.

Freddy: I like to spend free time with my one-year-old son. We will go to a Durham Bulls  baseball game or go to park and get ice cream together.

Question #7: Is there a scent you love that you wish Happy Wax offered?

Jazz: Cotton Candy

Freddy: Bubble Gum





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Awesome insight I love learning more BTS details! I agree with the other comments I wish I lived closer so I could apply too!

Sarah L April 22, 2021

I wish I lived closer! I would so apply for a job there! Keep up the great work! Love your products!

Lynn Lynch May 30, 2019

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