5 Scents She’ll Love For Mother’s Day

5 Scents She’ll Love For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8th, and if you’re in need of fool-proof Mother’s Day gift ideas, we have the tried-and-true winners sure to make her smile: a new wax warmer kit and scented wax melts from Happy Wax®!

Why Scented Wax Melts Make a Wonderful Mother’s Day Gift

Whether she’s the mom who has it all, or the one that swears she doesn’t need a thing, a new wax warmer and some of our best-selling wax melts (including our top five favorite Mother’s Day scents) is a mother’s day gift she can add to her collection of house-warming aromas, or use to start her new collection.

Mom will love that our flame-free wax warmers feature a 3, 6, or 9 hour timer so she won’t have to worry about whether she blew out that candle before running out the door. She may even love it more than the fact that our natural soy-based, essential oil wax melts are free of phthalates, parabens, and paraffins for easy melting without fear of releasing toxic chemicals into the air.

Since just two of our wax melts offer 8 hours of scent time, Mom will get unparalleled “melt mileage” out of her new favorite scents. Worried about clean up? Don’t be! Once wax melts cool and harden, they easily pop out of their silicone dish. With our melts, you’ll be giving her one less thing to clean up, or worry about. How thoughtful of you!

5 Sniff-Worthy Mother’s Day Scents Sure To Make Her Smile

You know Mom best, so picking out the perfect Mother’s Day scents you know she will love might be a no-brainer. For instance, you may know Mom’s weakness is warm and decadent aromas, making our savory soy wax melts like vanilla bean latte, pumpkin souffle, cinnamon chai, or salted caramel a top choice. 

Or, maybe she’s the kind of gal who prefers the light and refreshing aromas of floral soy wax melts, in which case our magnolia eucalyptus, lavender cactus, and white lotus wax melts are sure to please, filling her room with fresh, clean, and bright botanics. Or, maybe you’re just not sure which scents are right for your Mom. That’s okay too–because we’ve got you covered with five sniff-worthy Mother’s Day scents we know will make her smile.

  1. Lemon Verbena
    Sunny with a touch of sweet, lemon verbena wax melts offer the perfect pick me up on a dreary day, or to top off a gorgeously sunny day or freshly cleaned home. Lemon verbena is a scent that bodes well in any room, from foyer to powder room, guest bedrooms, and more. Mom will love that she can add more or less wax melt bears to her wax warmer to customize the strength of the scent to her liking, thinking of you all the while.

  2. Calming Lavender
    Long days call for relaxing nights, and one Mother’s Day scent ideal for melting away stress is calming lavender wax melts. This best-selling Mother’s Day scent blends together calming notes of lavender with earthy and herbaceous aromatics of thyme, bergamot, rosemary, cedar, and clove, offering up a soothing and luxurious aroma she’ll look forward to at the end of a long day as she sinks into her clawfoot tub, or snuggles up in bed to read her favorite book.

  3. Lavender Chamomile
    Another ultimate stress-fighting scent that makes a perfect Mother’s Day gift: lavender chamomile wax melts. This fresh take on traditional aromatherapeutic scents is a delicate, soothing blend of calming chamomile, eucalyptus, and lavender essential oils is blended together with uplifting notes of orange, ginger, and cedarwood, leaving Mom with the stress fighting scents ideal for unwinding in a clean, relaxing atmosphere ideal for anywhere in the home.

  4. Fresh Cotton
    If your childhood memories are laden with the smell of fresh cotton and clean laundry, then chances are our fresh cotton soy wax melts will make a perfect Mother’s Day gift to unlock a trip down memory lane. Through a unique combination of classic cotton and both woodsy and floral notes, this delicate aroma is the perfect addition to elevate the charm of the home she worked so hard to create.

  5. Vanilla Sandalwood
    If you know Mom would appreciate a sweet, exotic treat to wake up her senses, then vanilla sandalwood soy wax melts are the perfect Mother’s Day scent perfect for sending her away to paradise. Through a complex blend of lusciously rich vanilla and Indian sandalwood, these small but mighty wax melts offer a luxuriously warm and comforting aroma ideal for bedrooms, living, and dining rooms.

Find the Best Mother’s Day Gifts for Mom at Happy Wax® 

Whether Mom’s favorite scents happen to be savory and sweet, earthy or exotic, or somewhere in between, Happy Wax® makes it simple to find the breathtaking Mother’s Day scents sure to put you at the top of the list as favorite child (not that you weren’t already there!). Shop Happy Wax® today to snag your Mother’s Day gifts, or to sign Mom up for a wax subscription box so she can enjoy pleasant aromatic surprises throughout the year!

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