Mystery Scent Wax Melts


Mix & Match any 4 for $40 TINS USE CODE: 4F40

Are you ready to put your detective gear on!? Purchase this mystery scent and you'll receive key clues to determining what's behind the curtain so-to-speak. Use the clues (and your nose!) to come up with your best guess on what this scent is. If you get it right, you'll get a free tin of your choice with your next purchase. PLUS! Each person with the correct response will be entered into a raffle to win a $200 gift card to 

We'll be announcing the lucky winner on February 18th, so be sure to order by January 31 you get your guesses in by February 11th. 

 See more details in the tabs! Limit one entry per customer.

    Calling all scent detectives! We're giving one lucky correct guess-er the chance to win a $200 gift card, redeemable on All you need to do is order the Mystery Scent, and you'll receive a follow-up email approximately 2 weeks after you place your order with instructions on how to submit your guess. Limit one guess per person.

    We'll be announcing the lucky winner on February 18th, so be sure to order by January 31 you get your guesses in by February 11th. Happy guessing! 


    1. You must guess all elements of the mystery scent correct to be eligible to win the $200 gift card + receive a free wax melt tin gift code. 

    2. Limit of one guess per person. 

    3. Limit of one free tin code per correct guess. 

    *Offer & rules are subject to change at any point in time. 

    Ingredients:  Soy wax, phthalate-free essential oil-infused fragrance oil, dye.


    How many bears do I get and how long do they last?

    Size Approximate Bear Count Estimated Scent Time
    2 oz Pouch 16 ~60 Hours
    3.6 oz Classic Tin 24 ~100 Hours
    8 oz Half Pounder Pouch 60 ~240 Hours


    How do I get started melting?

    We recommend starting with 1-2 bear in our Outlet Plug-In Warmers, and 2–3 in our Signature or Mod Warmers. Mixing melts is highly recommended! Our rule of thumb is typically to melt 2 bears at a time for 8 hours of scent time, giving you more value and "melt mileage" than other brands.

    How strong are the scents?

    Scent sensitivity varies so greatly from person to person.  We do load our melts with the highest amount of fragrance oil possible, because we want your melts to last longer and travel further! This is also why our core shape is the bear- the smaller size allows for great “portion control.” If you are concerned about scent strength and it being too strong, just start with 1 bear and “take it from there.”

    What are the ingredients in your wax melts?

    All-natural soy wax, phthalate-free essential oil-infused fragrance oil, dye.

    Are your wax melts safe to use around kids? 

    Yes, our wax melts are safe to use around children so long as they are being used for their intended purposes. In addition to making all of our wax melts with 100% all natural soy wax, we also proudly make our wax melts paraffin and phthalate-free!

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    Orders are shipped out from our warehouse located in Hillsborough, NC within 1-3 business days after being placed.


    If you are having issues with our products or are not happy with a purchase, please contact us via Email at m-f,  (9am-5pm EST) and we will work to ensure that your at 100% satisfied. Its the Happy Wax way! 

    At Happy Wax we pride ourselves on providing the best home fragrance experience possible for everyone from first time melters to experienced wax fanatics.

    100% Soy Wax Based

    All of our wax melts are made with 100% all natural soy wax to ensure you are getting the highest quality in-home fragrance experience that we can provide. We are proudly paraffin and paraben free.  

    Essential Oil Infused

    We use high-quality essential oils when infusing your wax melts. All our our scents are phthalate free, preferring fresh patchouli, lavender, and chamomile instead!

    Wax Melter Silicone Dish 

    Our silicone dish is revolutionary in the wax melting industry. The removable non-stick cup featured in all of our melters allows you to simple "pop" out used wax and easily discard. No more scraping!