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Your nose will thank you with this package, because you’ll get to try our most unique and fun wax melts. You’ll become a master of scent in no time!


With this package, you can melt with confidence. You’ll receive our tried and true, customer-proclaimed bestsellers - and maybe a surprise or two along the way!


You are strictly here for the seasonal scents and you are not ashamed! In this package, you’ll get the best of all four seasons to use whenever your heart desires.

3-Tin Package

You’ll get three tins every three months - or four times a year - with this size. That’s 100 hours of melt time per tin and 300 hours total each quarter - way more than you’d get with your average candle!

4-Tin Package

With this option, you’ll receive four tins every three months for a max of 400 hours of melt time. WOW! So many ways to mix and match.

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Subscription FAQs

Your first subscription box will ship out immediately, then subsequent boxes ship according to the schedule below:

February 10
May 10
August 10
November 10

Please note: If you subscribe just before the next shipment date, keep in mind you will receive two boxes in a short window of time. Don't worry, both boxes will be filled with different wax melts! For example if you subscribe on February 8th, your first box will be ship out immediately, and your second box will ship out shortly thereafter on February 10th.

If your subscription service is on the pay-as-you-go plan, you will be able to cancel at any point in the service and charges will stop. All pre-paid subscription service purchases are non-refundable. That said, we are happy to replace damaged items should they arrive as such.

All subscription service purchases are non-exchangeable. That said, you will be given the opportunity to rejoin the service at the end of your yearly subscription, at which time you can make changes to your package and/or size.

Yes, your subscription will renew automatically. You will receive a notification before the end of your current cycle, at which time you can cancel or make changes to your package and/or size.

Great news: subscription boxes come with free shipping (only applies to contiguous U.S.). International shipping rates apply.

After purchasing the subscription service, you can fill out a form that will then send email confirmation to the recipient with details of their gift. Additionally, upon checkout, you can enter the shipping address as your giftee’s. Please note that since you can only add one shipping address, if you plan to purchase products for yourself, you will need to checkout separately.

We are currently shipping to all 50 U.S. states, U.S. territories, and more than 25 international countries. For more details, see here.