Signature Wax Warmer in Gray Linen
Signature Wax Warmer in Gray Linen

Signature Wax Warmer in Gray Linen



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Candle lovers, it's time to join the melt-olution!  

Our Signature Wax Warmer provides a flame-free solution to enjoying all natural fragrance throughout your home.  

Our favorite part? The patent-pending “No Scrape” silicone melting dish for clean and easy wax disposal between uses.  Toss a couple bears in the dish, enjoy hours of healthy fragrance, allow wax to harden and then pop that used wax right out! Did we mention our wax can even be composted?

(Translation for veteran wax melters: No more pouring hot wax in plastic cups or putting ceramic dishes in the freezer to get rid of wax!)  


  • “No Scrape” Silicone Melting Dish - Simply allow used wax to harden and then pop it right out of the dish.  Clean and easy!
  • Integrated 3-6-9 Hour Timer Button - Set it and forget it!
  • Interchangeable Wraps - Remove wrap for an all-white minimal look, or check out our other Warmer Wraps (sold separately) to freshen up your warmer’s look.
  • Includes 25W halogen light bulb - Get started right out of the box!