Half Pounder Savory Mix Wax Melts
Half Pounder Savory Mix Wax Melts
Half Pounder Savory Mix Wax Melts
Half Pounder Savory Mix Wax Melts
Half Pounder Savory Mix Wax Melts

Half Pounder Savory Mix Wax Melts

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A fall and winter favorite, our Savory Collection features bakery-fresh Pumpkin Souffle, sweet and spicy Cinnamon Chai, and wholesome Apple Harvest.  This collection is another fantastic line-up for mixing--you can't go wrong with any combination!  

APPLE HARVEST - The perfect autumn scent, these wax melts smell like a hot apple pie fresh out of the oven, or a cozy mug of hot apple cider.  Our Apple Harvest is a true, full-bodied apple fragrance combined with bright fruit notes and just a touch of spice. It has year-round appeal but is especially nice around apple picking time. These melts are infused with natural cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, orange, and cedar wood essential oils.

CINNAMON CHAI - Slightly sweet, a little spicy, and 100% cozy, Cinnamon Chai Happy Wax will transport you to your favorite coffee shop in fall!  Perfect for cinnamon lovers looking for a little something "extra".  This unique blend has notes of black tea, cinnamon and sweet vanilla, and infused with natural essential oils, including cinnamon leaf, clove bud, and orange oil.

PUMPKIN SOUFFLE - Baking is a science, and our Pumpkin Soufflé melts are no exception - you'll detect hints of ginger, saffron, cinnamon, brown sugar, molasses, nutmeg, clove, and all spice in these delicious-smelling treats.  Simply mouth-watering. These melts are infused with natural essential oils, including nutmeg and cinnamon leaf.

Made in Durham, North Carolina in the world's best-smelling warehouse.


3.6 oz Classic Tin Approximate Burn Time: 100 Hours

8 oz Half Pounder Pouch Approximate Burn Time: 225 Hours

Every 3.6 oz Classic Tin of Happy Wax contains approximately 24 bear-shaped melts.  Our 8 oz Half Pounder Pouches contain approximately 60 bears.  We recommend starting with one bear for small, plug-in warmers, and 2-3 for larger warmers. Mixing melts is highly recommended!

Ingredients: Soy Wax, Phthalate-Free Fragrance Oil, Dye

Our melts contain NO pesticides, herbicides, toxic or Genetically Modified Materials, and are not tested on animals.