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What is wax melting anyway?

Wax melting is the fastest growing segment in the home fragrance market, but many people aren’t familiar with it.  

In fact, when we first started developing our business for bringing fragrance into the home, we weren’t familiar with melting either.  However, we were familiar with the wax melt predecessor: the scented candle.   Everyone knows how a scented candle works:  The flame of the candle melts the wax and as the wax melts it releases the fragrance that was infused into the wax.   Wax melting is simply a way of doing the same thing without the flame.  

By using a melting device, and placing the wax into the melting tray.  The same process occurs.  The wax slowly melts releasing the infused fragrance oils without the flame. 

And that is the point, no flame has become quite important.   According to the National Candle Association an average of 25 home candle fires are reported every day!  A majority of these situations are caused by people simply forgetting to blow their candles out before going to bed or leaving the house.  In fact, this has caused many apartment buildings and dorm rooms to now prohibit scented candles in order to avoid the fire risk.

Wax melting helps avoid these dangers.   With a wax melter, one can simply turn it on or off when they leave the house.   Even if a warmer is left on, most melters are tested and either ETL or UL Certified which means they are safe to leave on.  In the case of Happy Wax’s Signature Warmer, it actually has an automatic off switch that can be set for 3, 6 or 9 hours.

There are other benefits to melting as well besides just safety.    Because a person only adds a little wax per usage one can control the type of scent more often and can also limit the amount of wax used per day.   This can give people the opportunity to switch fragrances more often and in some cases even mix scents together to make their own creation.   Additionally, because only a certain amount of wax is needed for each melt, they can be a more cost effective way to scent the home because one uses less wax per time used.  

So there it is, the quick explanation of wax melting.     Go ahead and melt away.   It’s the safest way bring amazing fragrances into your home!

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