The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for 2020

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for 2020

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Every deal-loving holiday shopper knows that the key to finding the perfectly priced holiday gift is to plan ahead. With COVID-19 still a present threat, there's no denying the pandemic will change how we think about and experience holiday shopping. 

Fewer shoppers will be visiting brick-and-mortar stores, and some reports note that there could be a 25-35% increase in online shopping. Don’t worry: we’ve got your back! Keep reading for some scent-tacular gift ideas for the fragrance lovers in your life.


#1. For the New Melter - Signature Warmer Gift Kit 

As featured in "All Vogue Wants for Christmas is..." this wax melt kit is set to be a #1 bestseller for the holiday season and is perfect for the new melter! Included in the Signature Warmer Gift Kit is 1 Signature Wax Melt Warmer and 1 Half-Pounder Mix Pouch of our scented soy wax melts - your choice. The Signature Wax Melt Warmer features a sturdy and elegant ceramic warmer, our patent-pending silicone wax melt dish, and an integrated 3-6-9 hour timer. 



#2. For the Happy Wax Fanatic - Gift Card 

Do you know a heavy Happy Wax melter? Give the gift of choice this holiday season with our Happy Wax Gift Cards—available in increments from $10, $25, $50, and $100! Simply print & package. Easiest. Gift. Ever.


Happy Wax Gift Card - $10 - $100


#3. For the one who loves cozy scents - Savory Tin Gift Set

Know someone who's obsessed with fall fragrances? Our Savory Tin Gift Set is an amazing gift (or treat for yourself) and is sure to bring all the cozy feels. Included in this set are some of our most cozy & comforting scents, including Pumpkin Souffle, Cinnamon Chai, Apple Harvest, and Vanilla Sandalwood. 

Savory Tin Gift Set - $40


#4 - For the Stocking - Essential Oil-Infused Car Fresheners 

Stocking stuffers? Check! Stock those stockings with our Happy Wax essential oil-infused Car Cub fresheners. In adorable bear shapes, our hanging car fresheners make fun and unique stocking stuffers without sacrificing quality. Available in fragrances like Jasmine Honeysuckle and Grapefruit Mangosteen, we think these are perfect for a road trip warrior!

 Essential Oil Infused Car Freshener - $12.95

#5. For the Interior Decorator - Mod Warmer Gift Kit

A seamless, elegant design, our Mod Wax Melt Warmer is the perfect blend of form meets function. Our Mod Warmer Gift Kit includes one Mod Wax Warmer and your choice of 8 oz. Half-Pounder Mix Pouch of wax melts—you'll get to sample three different fragrances from the collection of your choice.

Mod Wax Warmer Gift Kit - $49.95

 #6 - For the Indecisive - Bestsellers Sampler 10-Pack 

Can’t make up your mind on what fragrance to gift? You won’t go wrong with our Bestsellers Sampler 10-Pack! Included in this 10-Pack are ten of our bestselling fragrances from the past year. 

Bestsellers Sampler 10-Pack - $50

#7 - For the Studious Scent Lover - Mini Tabletop Wax Warmer 

It’s no secret that most college campuses don’t allow candles, but there’s no reason your studious scent lover should be missing out on scenting up their room! Our Mini Tabletop Wax Warmers are the perfect flame-free way for your loved one to experience their favorite fragrances—without breaking the rules. An added bonus? The Mini Tabletop Warmer can be powered from any USB port (i.e., right from his or her laptop!). 

Mini Tabletop Wax Warmer - $27.95

#8 - For the Ambiance Lover  - Outlet Warmer Gift Kit 

A warm, soothing glow emanates from our Outlet Plug-In Wax Warmer (little known fact: it can also double as a night-light!). Paired with a Classic Mix Tin of our scented soy wax melts, this Outlet Warmer Gift Kit combines warm mood lighting with inviting fragrance!

Outlet Warmer Gift Kit - $24.95


#9. For the "Wow" Factor - Full House Gift Set 

Looking to bring the "wow" factor this holiday season? Look no further than our Full House Gift Set. This set includes three full-sized melters and four classic tins of our scented soy wax melts. The best part? You get to pick the fragrance package that’s best for you!


Thanks to the rising demand in .com shopping, availability and shipping will be another priority to consider when holiday shopping this year. With expected delays across carriers, we recommend scheduling your holiday shopping an additional two weeks ahead of what you usually would.

Happy shopping!


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