Summer Melt Mix Guide

Summer Melt Mix Guide

One of the best things about wax melts is that you can mix and match them to create your own customized fragrances! Our customer service team gets asked all the time what Happy Wax fragrances we recommend our customers mixing. So, as a gift to our customers, over the summer we will be rolling out a series of spotlight blogs that outline summer fragrances we recommend mixing to brighten up your days and relax your nights.  

1 part Calming Lavender + 1 part Vanilla Sandalwood

Do you love Calming Lavender but find it’s just a tad too strong? We find that mixing a tad of creamy Vanilla Sandalwood cuts through potent Calming Lavender just enough so that you still get a light lavender fragrance with a touch of woods. In this mix, relaxing Lavender combines with comforting Vanilla, yielding the ideal scent to unwind after a long summer’s day. Our team found that when mixing this fragrance, the Vanilla Sandalwood added a body to the floral notes in Calming Lavender, balancing it perfectly.

2 parts Eucalyptus Spearmint + 1 part Lemon Verbena

Lemon Verbena is one of our top-selling Happy Wax fragrances, and it is also one of our most potent. For this reason, we needed 2 Eucalyptus Spearmint Happy Wax Bears to cut through 1 of our Lemon Verbena Happy Wax Bears. Our team found that the spearmint brings a light summer fragrance while lemon verbena adds a fresh & zesty kick to the mix. We think this fragrance is perfect for a bathroom or a kitchen—anywhere you want to freshen up a little bit!

2 parts Fresh Cotton + 2 parts Garden Rose  

Fresh Cotton is sure to conjure up memories of laundry day! Coupled with delightfully floral Garden Rose, this mix yields a wonderfully light floral fragrance. The perfect mix for summer, this blend is refreshingly clean yet garden bright. Images of laundry flowing in the breeze come to mind, transporting you to a sunny, calming yet invigorating place.

Stay tuned for even more of our favorite mixes to experiment with. Keep your space scented with new and fun blends all summer long!

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