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Melter of the Month: Meagan Husband

This month’s “Melter of the Month” features Meagan Husband! Meagan is a newly wed Mississippi native who switched to wax melts out of health concerns from other home fragrance products. Read below to find out what Happy Wax scent is Meagan’s favorite!

                                   Megan Husband, Melter of the Month

  1. What is your name, and what state are you from?

My name is Meagan Husband, and I am from Mississippi.

  1. What is a “fun fact” about you?

A fun fact about me is that I’m getting married in less than three weeks! My fiancé and I have been together for over three years, and he proposed in April 2017, so we are ready to transition into this new, exciting chapter of life. We are moving in together for the first time soon; I’m sure that will be an adventure in itself!

  1. How long have you been a “wax melter?”

I have been a wax melter off and on for about a decade. I was introduced to melting for the first time when my cousin began selling products through a popular wax brand that’s still around today. Over the years, I became a candle junkie until I received a warmer last Christmas, and that gift rekindled my love of melting.

  1. Why do you prefer wax melts to other types of home fragrances?

I prefer wax melts to other methods of fragrancing my home because of safety and health concerns. One of the drawbacks of burning a candle is, quite frankly, the potential to burn my house down along with it; now that I live in a rental property, it’s a no-brainer to use warmers instead. Additionally, candles are known for releasing harmful chemicals, especially the paraffin-based ones. I’d much rather use a product made from soy… Like Happy Wax!

  1. What Happy Wax products do you own?

I own one Happy Wax Signature Wax Warmer, two Travel Wax Warmers, and a tin or pouch of each mix available! I am proud to say that I’ve sampled every scent Happy Wax makes except for Vanilla Sandalwood.

  1. How often do you use Happy Wax products?

I use both warmers and melts from Happy Wax on a daily basis. When I’m at home, you can usually find me relaxing in my den’s recliner next to my Signature Wax Warmer. One travel warmer is in my bathroom while the second is in my bedroom, making it easy to get my Happy Wax fix wherever I am.

  1. When do you use Happy Wax products?

With such a varied collection of scents, there is a Happy Wax product for every mood and situation. Now that autumn is near with the holiday season coming soon after, I love using the Savory and Holiday mixes, especially if I want to feel nostalgic or festive. I find that scents from those two collections are great when company comes to visit, too. The Spa mix is essential for unwinding after a stressful day, while the Fresh mix is perfect to freshen the bathroom. See… Happy Wax is perfect at any time.

  1. What makes Happy Wax unique to you?

I don’t know where to begin… There are so many elements of the brand and product offerings that are truly unique! I love that the wax I’m using is made right here in the U.S.A. I’m “bear-y” much a fan of the bears, hearts, and holiday shapes! The Signature Warmer has got to be the best on the market because of its versatility, functionality, and innovation. It is versatile because the design can be changed by “snapping” on a new wrap; it is exceptionally functional through its 3-6-9 hour timer button; and it wins the innovation award for its silicone melting dish. The dish is definitely my favorite feature, and I haven’t seen it anywhere else. Now changing out wax couldn’t be easier… Which is great because I love to experiment with different scents and new combinations!

  1. Do you have a favorite Happy Wax scent?

This question may be the hardest because each scent is fantastically unique! Okay… My favorite Happy Wax scent is simple yet has rare depth that delights and surprises even the most seasoned melter. With notes of jasmine and musk, you may be intrigued to discover that Happy Wax has transformed this household staple into such a powerful but pleasing scent: I’m describing the one and only Baby Powder! The patchouli, white cedar, and ylang-ylang make it so special.

  1. Do you follow Happy Wax on social media?

I follow Happy Wax on Facebook and Instagram, and their photos and videos are colorful, creative, and informative. My next comment may not be content-related, but their customer service is out of this world; I haven’t encountered another company that has personally answered my emails and commented on my Instagram posts. Thanks for living up to your name, Happy Wax!

  1. If you could write a slogan/jingle for Happy Wax, what would it be?

My pitch for a new Happy Wax slogan is “Happy Wax: Have you felt the melt?”


Picture by Meagan Husband

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