How To Use Your Signature Warmer 2.0

The Signature Wax Warmer provides a flame-free solution for enjoying your favorite fragrances throughout your home. Designed to warm scented wax it gently releases your favorite fragrances into the air. If you've purchased a Signature Wax Warmer after May 1st 2019 - this guide is for you! Our Signature Warmer "2.0" now features a ceramic heater (translation: no more changing out light bulbs) - and no longer has a ceramic tray. Follow the directions below to get the most out of your new Signature Warmer! 
STEP 1: Place warmer unit on a flat surface
Place the Signature Warmer on a level, heat-resistant, stain-resistant surface. Remove any plastic wrapping that is protecting your warmer unit and silicone dish. The Signature Warmer comes with a 3 ft long, 2-prong cord that is compatible with most standard outlets. 
STEP 2: Place silicone dish on ceramic top
All Happy Wax warmers come with our patent-pending "no scrape" silicone wax melt removal dish. Using this dish while you melt will allow you to easily change fragrances once you have finished melting! 
STEP 3: Place scented wax melts in warmer
We recommend placing 2-3 Happy Wax soy wax melt bears in your Signature Wax Melt Warmer (or 1-2 Oz. of other brand clamshell wax melts). You can add additional wax melts (depending on your preference), but make sure the wax is not filled above the top of the silicone dish. If too much wax is placed into the warmer it can cause overflow, and damage your unit. It is normal to see "steam" come out of our warmer while melting! Fun fact: this is actually the essential oils and fragrance oils evaporating from your wax melts! 
STEP 4: Plug in & turn on the timer
Next, take the electrical cord and plug it into any standard outlet. After that, decide how long you would like your wax melts to warm. For 3 hours, press the home button once until the first light is on. For 6 hours, press the home button twice until two of the lights are on. For 9 hours, press the home button three times until all three lights are on. Once you have chosen your setting, feel free to leave the warmer on and come back as you please! That is the best part of the Signature Wax Melt warmer—it’s low-maintenance!  
STEP 5: How to change fragrances
While with a traditional candle experience you would normally blow out the flame, with wax melts you just let the wax cool before removing. Once the lights on your Signature Warmer have turned off, it means that the wax is cooling and should be ready to remove shortly. When the wax is completely cooled, it will be a more solid color. Simply lift the silicone dish off of the warmer, and "pop" the used wax right out! To start melting again, simply repeat these steps! 
Frequently Asked Questions
Question: How do I change the light in my Signature Warmer? 
Answer: The Signature Wax Warmer 2.0 features a small LED light strip that gives the warmer a warm candle-like glow! The LED strip that is included in the warmer is built to last a lifetime! You will not need to worry about the LED going out. If your light does go out please contact us at and include your order number for verification!
Question: Why does my Signature Warmer not include a removable ceramic dish? 
Answer: The Signature Wax Warmer 2.0 features a built-in ceramic tray that does not need to be removed. The warmer is no longer heated with a light bulb, it is now heated with a ceramic heater so you no longer need to change out your light bub every month. 
Question: What is the difference between the Signature Wax Warmer and the Classic Warmer? 
Answer: The main difference is that our Signature Wax Warmer features an integrated 3-6-9 hour timer while the Classic Wax Warmer has a simple on/off switch. 
Question: Can I use different brands wax melts in my Signature Wax Warmer? 
Answer: Our Happy Wax warmers are compatible with all scented wax melts, cubes and tarts no matter what brand you use! Similarly, our scented wax melts are compatible with all scented wax melt, cube, and tart warmers! 
Question: How many wax melts should I place into my Signature Wax Warmer? 
Answer: We recommend starting with 2-3 Happy Wax Melts in your Signature Warmer, however, you may place more or less depending on your fragrance preference. Caution: DO NOT fill the wax above the brim to prevent overflow, and wax spilling over the warmer. 

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