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How to Use Your Happy Wax Signature Wax Warmer

Our beloved Happy Wax Signature Warmers are now back in stock—with new, stylish designs and upgraded features. Our Happy Wax Signature Warmers feature a 3, 6, & 9 hour timer, patent-pending silicone wax melt dish, and ceramic tray. Our new generation of Signature Warmers can now fit as many as 12 wax melt bears in one warmer, filling your home with more fragrance than ever! With the inquiries we receive, we’ve decided to break down the steps of how to use our Signature Wax Melt Warmer below. Or check out our YouTube tutorials, which demo the process even further!

#1. Place Wax Melts in Warmer

Our Happy Wax Signature Wax Warmer comes ready to go out of the box! It includes a 25-W halogen bulb, silicone wax melt dish for easy removal, and  ceramic wax melt Tray. Start by placing the rubberized anti-skid base (bottom of the warmer) on any sturdy, flat surface. Next, place approximately 1–2 ounces of your favorite wax melt scent into your Signature Wax Melt Warmer. 

Place your wax melts into the warmer.

#2. Turn on the Timer

Next, take the electrical cord and plug it into any standard outlet. After that, decide the duration that you would like your wax melts to warm. If you want the melts to warm for 3 hours, press the home button once until the first light is on. If you want the melts to warm for 6 hours, press the home button twice until two of the lights are on. And lastly, if you want your melts to warm in the Signature Warmer for 9 hours, press the home button three times until all three lights are on.

Once you have chosen the hour interval setting that you would like your wax to melt, feel free to leave the warmer on and come back as you please! That is the best part of the Signature Wax Melt warmer—it’s low-maintenance! 


#4. Let the Wax Cool

While with a traditional candle experience you would normally blow out the flame, with wax melts you need let the wax cool before removing. Once the lights on your Signature Warmer have turned off, it means that that the wax is cooling and should be ready to remove shortly. When the wax is completely cooled, it will be less viscous and see-through than before; it will be a more solid color.

#5. Pop out the Wax

A great feature of the Signature Wax Melt Warmer is that it comes with our patent-pending silicone wax melting dish. In order to change the wax, simply “pop” the wax out of your silicone melting dish and remove! After that, you will be good to go!

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  • I absolutely love your products and will be buying more for the entire house.

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