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How to Use Your Happy Wax Classic Warmer

Our Happy Wax Classic Warmer is now available in new, stylish designs and with upgraded features. With more options than ever, we’ve broken down the steps to using our Classic Wax Warmer for the curious melter!

#1. Place Wax Melts in Warmer

All Happy Wax warmers come ready to go out of the box, and our Classic Warmers are no different! Once you’ve received your wax warmer, simply plug in to any standard outlet. Then place approximately 1–2 ounces of your favorite wax melt scents into your Classic Warmer. Our new Classic Wax Warmers can fit as many as 12 wax melt bears at a time! If you are using wax cubes, we recommend breaking up 3–4 one-inch blocks of wax to put in your warmer (adjust for scent).

#2. Turn the Dial to “On”

Once you’ve chosen the wax melt scents you desire, turn the dial switch to the “On” setting. Once you’ve done that, feel free to leave the warmer and come back as you please! That’s the best part of our wax warmers as an alternative to candles—you don’t have to continually check on them! 

#3. Let the Wax Cool

With candles, you would blow the flame out and let the wax cool before throwing it away; the same principle applies to wax melts. You will first need to turn your Classic Warmer off when you have finished your wax-melting experience or when you want to change to a new scent. To do this, simply turn the dial and it will click to the “Off” setting. After you’ve done that, the wax will cool and move from a viscous liquid state to a solid state.

#4. Pop out the Wax

Another great feature of your Classic Wax Warmer is that it comes with our patent-pending silicone wax melting dish. Once your wax has cooled, simply pick up your silicone dish, pop out the wax, and repeat!



Learn how to Care for Your Classic Warmer 

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  • Just got my classic warmer! I’m in love with the watercolor 😍

    Stephanie on

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