Fall Wax Melt Mix Guide

Fall Wax Melt Mix Guide

Fall fragrances welcome feelings of nostalgia & comfort, which percolate through the season like a pour of warm apple cider. Scents of aromatic spices, warm seasonal treats, and cozy outdoor autumn foliage are iconic to the season. If you’re looking to revive your fragrance portfolio, read below to find new and exciting fall fragrance mixes. 

Country Orchard Mix 

The classic scent of ripe, freshly picked apples are a fall fragrance staple. Manifest the scents of a fall day spent on a countryside orchard with our country orchard wax melt mix. Combine 1 part Green Apple Cardamom, 1 part Mulled Cider, and 1 part Fall Woods wax melts to create this enticing mix. The notes of freshly mulled apples found in Mulled Cider will marry gently with Green Apple Cardamom and smoldering earthy cedarwood in Fall Woods to create an enchanting fragrance. We recommend melting this commanding blend in a larger room like a living room or den, as it can be on the stronger side! 


Pumpkin Pie Mix 

Scents of seasonally inspired treats liberate memories of traditions past. Scrumptious cookies, pastries, and pies are known for creating an inviting ambiance in the home and living spaces. We adore pumpkin pie for its signature fragrances of mouthwatering, freshly-roasted pumpkin and burnt sugar kissed with a harmony of warm cinnamon & clove spices. To create this warm harmony of pumpkin pie inspired fragrances mix 2 parts Pumpkin Maple Crunch with 1 part Cinnamon Chai and 1 part Vanilla Bean Latte to create a pumpkin pie fragrance mix reminiscent of the baked treats grandma used to make. This blend is the perfect way to create an inviting atmosphere when entertaining during the fall season.


Autumn Air Mix

Foraging for a new fall fragrance? Look no further than the gentle swirls of aromatic green apple and crisp autumn leaves. We’ve combined 2 parts, Autumn Breeze with 1 part Green Apple Cardamom to create a crisp autumn air-inspired fragrance. Notes of earthy green acorn, woody pinecone, and ripe green apple fuse together to forge a blend reminiscent of fresh autumn air. We recommend melting this mix when your space needs a little freshening up!

From scents of classic warm spices to fresh foliage to bakery-fresh treats, there’s no better way to usher autumn into your home than with the fragrances of fall. Want to shop the scents of the season? Check out our entire line of seasonal wax melts!

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