Melter of the Month: Skylee Kocher

At Happy Wax, our customers are our #1 priority! We were excited when veteran melter Skylee Kocher reached out to us to share her Happy Wax experience!

What is your name, and what state are you from?

My name is Skylee Kocher and I am from Kentucky.

What is a “fun fact” about you?

A fun fact about me is that I'm a huge moviegoer. Whether it be something new or something I've seen a million times, I love that it brings people together and you can always find something new you didn't notice before.


How long have you been a “wax melter?”

I have been a wax melter for around 6 years. When I first left for college, wax melts and warmers were a staple in my dorm room.


Why do you prefer wax melts to other types of home fragrances (i.e., candles, air fresheners, etc.)?

I prefer wax melts to other types of fragrances because of the safety and selections. With candles, you have to keep an eye on them and remember to blow them out before going to bed or leaving the house, but with wax burners and melts, you can have more peace of mind. You also have so many more scent and combination selections you can make with your smells in using tarts/melts.


What Happy Wax products do you own?

I own the Happy Wax Savory Mix.

How often do you use Happy wax products?

I use Happy Wax Melts every day! If my husband or I am home, our burners are on and the savory mix is melting. I use Happy Wax products daily throughout our kitchen and entryway. One of the standout moments I had with Happy Wax was when my husband came home from work and immediately commented on how our house smelled like a candy factory and how much he loved it!


What makes Happy Wax unique to you?

THEIR SHAPE! Out of all the companies out there, there's nothing like it! There's also the fact that they are made of 100% soy and essential oils, which makes me more comfortable about using them around the people I love.


What is your favorite Happy Wax scent?

Because I only recently discovered Happy Wax, I have only tried the Savory Mix but CANNOT wait to try others (Caramel Macchiato, Snowman S'mores, Cider Stars, Espresso Italiano, and so much more)! The Savory Mix gives you that instant rush of cool weather, pumpkin patches, and sipping apple cider.

Do you follow Happy Wax on social media? If so, what do you like best about Happy Wax’s content?

I follow Happy Wax on Facebook and love seeing the continued dedication to their customers and the willingness to try and show off new scents that other companies haven't.


If you could write a slogan for Happy Wax, what would it be? 

Happy Wax—I've seen the future, and it’s "bear" shaped!

Check out the photos Skylee shared of her Happy Wax products in everyday use!



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I am so happy i found Happy Wax. I have tried almost every wax out there and Happy Wax is the best. The scents are amazing and they last a very long time. I am a customer for life. Everyone that comes into my home asks me what smells so delicious? I love the Fall scents. Thank you Happy Wax for putting a big smile on my face. Your customer service is excellent as well.

Holly Jericiau August 29, 2018

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