Melter of the Month: Maesha Dancy

At Happy Wax, our customers are our #1 priority! We’re excited to have customers who want to share their Happy Wax experience, and this month we were lucky to have Happy Wax customer Maesha Dancy (and fellow southerner) reach out to us! See the fun fact that made Maesha a special part of the Happy Wax community.


Customer of the Month: Maesha Dancy 


  1. What is your name, and what state are you from?

Measha (pronounced Mee-ah-shah:) Dancy. I live in Atlanta, Georgia.

  1. What is a “fun fact” about you?

Hmmm...I guess one fun fact is that I was actually born and raised in the town where Happy Wax is located—Durham, NC. How do you recognize a Durham native? We pronounce our city the correct way, “Durm.” :)

  1. How long have you been a “wax melter?”

I am a true wax melter newbie! Using Happy Wax is my first time using any type of wax melts and I LOVE it! I have been looking for a clean and safe way to add fragrance to my home that would also last and allow me to change fragrances easily.

  1. Why do you prefer wax melts to other types of home fragrances? 

Well, for one, most of the retail air fresheners/plug-in deodorizers are filled with all kinds of chemicals. Most of them trigger my allergies. But wax melts seem to be a cleaner burn than candles. The other thing I love is that unlike candles, I can change up the fragrances as much as I want.

  1. What Happy Wax products do you own?

I own the Classic Warmer and two outlet wax warmers. AND, I just purchased a sample of each and every fragrance made by Happy Wax! I wanted to try them all to see what I liked, so I am overjoyed that y’all have the 2-oz samples and the 3.6-oz can mixes.

  1. How often do you use Happy wax products?

EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Lol! I work from home so it is just so nice to have such great smells going on in the house! And because I have so many options, my mood determines the fragrance of the day.

  1. When do you use Happy wax products? (times, environment, mood, etc.)

No, really, I’m serious, every day.

  1. What makes Happy Wax unique to you?

I love that the wax is non-toxic and made of natural ingredients. But the most unique part is the cute shape of the wax. The little cute bears, hearts, or holiday shapes make it really unique.

  1. Is there any scent you currently love to melt? 

I’m really digging the Spa and Citrus Mix scents right now. If I had to pick just one, which is hard to do, I would say the Eucalyptus Spearmint because it is so fresh and light.

  1. Do you follow Happy Wax on social media?

I do. I follow Happy Wax on Instagram. All of the posts are so colorful and happy! :) Oh, and the contest giveaways are cool too!

  1. If you could write a slogan for Happy Wax, what would it be?

Happy Wax melts your troubles away!!


 Photo courtesy of Maesha's daughter!


I just got my 2nd order delivered, but I’m currently in the hospital so I will have to wait until I get home to enjoy my purchase. I am totally loving Happy Wax. I’m getting a few items for my mom for her birthday next month. I’m sure she will love Happy Wax as much as I do.

Kim Ruffin October 03, 2018

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Instagram: @HappyWaxMelts


Happy Wax September 18, 2018

Love them so much bought a wall warmer first & my first tin of lemon verbena 💗loved to so much bought the big one next & just ordered more melts they are Soooo Amazing made a YouTube video of them All!@YouTube @Kya Simon!👍

Kya Simon September 18, 2018

Was not aware of contest give aways! When? Where?

Doris Eggers September 13, 2018

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