8 Fantastic Fall Fragrance Mixes for 2019

8 Fantastic Fall Fragrance Mixes for 2019

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As the temperature starts to drop, and the seasons change, fall beckons us indoors to seek warmth and comfort. Embrace the change in season with the comforting, familiar fragrances of fall. Breathe in fall aromas and you’re taken to memories of warm, mulled apple cider, spiced pumpkin bread, and fragrant cinnamon wreaths. The fall season welcomes one of the greatest varieties of home fragrance selections. Some adventurous wax melt lovers find fun in creating their own fall fragrance mixes. Our Happy Wax team has tested a gamut of fragrance combinations, and created a fall mix guide that will take you step-by-step through a perfected blend of autumn-inspired aromas! 


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1. Hot Toddy 

Our take on a southern classic drink refined by generations after generation. We combined 2 parts Apple Harvest with 1 part Caramel Macchiato to create a fragrance reminiscent of a great drink. Combine the full-bodied, sugary apple sweet notes of Apple Harvest with the aroma of buttery-sweet Caramel Macchiato and you have a delectable year-round fragrance that can’t be beat.


2. Coffee Shop Mornings

As the temperatures start to drop, there's nothing like finding solace in productive mornings spent huddled over a warm cup of coffee. Venture out to any local coffee spot, and you're sure to be greeted with notes of robust, roasted espresso beans kissed with hints of fresh cream. We combined 2 parts Espresso Italiano with 1 part Vanilla Sandalwood to create a blend of fragrances that is sure to awaken the senses! 


3.  Mountain Hike 

Experience the changing of the seasons right from the comfort of your home with this mix of 2 parts Sage & Cedarwood and 2 parts Fall Woods. The notes of cypress-infused tree moss in Sage & Cedarwood blend with the notes of earthy white birch in Fall Woods to create a fragrance that is reminiscent of cool mountain air, and freshly fallen fall foliage. 

  Mountain Hike: 2 parts Sage & Cedarwood + 2 parts Fall Woods

4. Cozy Cabin 

Noticing a drop in temperatures? This mix of fall-inspired aromas will be sure to bring warmth and comfort! The robust cedarwood notes in Fall Woods blend with notes of rich, creamy vanilla in Vanilla Sandalwood to create a fragrance that is both inviting and familiar. Combine 2 parts Fall Woods with 2 parts Vanilla Sandalwood to create this mix! 


5. A Day at the Apple Orchard 

Nothing says fall like wicker baskets filled to the brim with fresh-picked honey crisp apples! Full-bodied Apple Harvest combines with the notes of fresh green acorn and aromatic fir found in Autumn Breeze to create a blend of aromas that is reminiscent of walks through an apple orchard. 

6. Sweater Weather 

Breathe in this mix of fragrances and you’ll be reminded of the comfort of warm, oversized sweaters! Notes of fresh laundry found in our Fresh Cotton wax melts combine with aromas of warm patchouli in Tobacco & Teak to create a blend of fragrances that is sure to remind you of your favorite knit.

7. Fresh Baked Apple Pie 

Whiff any apple pie fresh out of the oven, and you're sure to breathe in notes of allspice, cinnamon, and mouth-watering granny smith apples. We combined 1 part Apple Harvest, 2 parts Cinnamon Chai, and 2 parts Vanilla Sandalwood to create a blend of aromas reminiscent of this tasty fall treat!


8. Bonfire Bliss

When the air starts to get colder nothing beats gathering with friends and family around a smoldering bonfire. Notes of aromatic cedarwood found in Tobacco & Teak combine with notes of smoldering white birch found in Fall Woods to create a fragrance that is sure to yield memories of nights outdoors under the stars, cozied up to the flames of a fresh fed fire. 


Shop the wax melt fragrances in this mix guide! 


We want to hear from you, comment below which wax melts you're mixing this fall? 

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