5 Must-Try Wax Melt Mixes for Spring

5 Must-Try Wax Melt Mixes for Spring

As the temperature starts to rise, and the seasons change, spring invites us to refresh and reinvigorate our space! Did you know that soy wax melts can be mixed to create your own customized fragrances? Embrace the change in season with the fresh feeling of spring fragrances. Our Happy Wax team has tested a gamut of fragrance combinations, and created a spring mix guide that will take you step-by-step through a perfected blend of spring-inspired aromas! 


1. Meadow Showers Mix 

They say April showers bring May flowers, we came up with our fragrance interpretation of this age-old saying!  We combined 2 parts Spring Showers with 1 part Spring Bouquet to create a fragrance reminiscent of rain-kissed spring florals. Combine the refreshing aroma of dewy Spring Showers with the white floral notes of Spring Bouquet to get a blend of fragrances that is sure to remind you of a classic spring day. 

Combine 2 parts Spring Showers +1 part Spring Bouquet 


2. Farmers Fresh Fruit Mix

Nothing reminds us more of spring than the anticipation of fresh fruits! Venture out to any farmers market and and you're sure to be greeted with notes of zesty citrus aromas. We combined 1 parts Grapefruit Mangosteen with 1 part Lemon Verbena to create a blend of fragrances that is sure to awaken the senses! 

Combine 1 part Grapefruit Mangosteen with 1 part Lemon Verbena


3.  Herbal Garden Mix 

Revive your senses with the fragrances of aromatic spring herbs. Wonderfully uplifting, garden herbs are often revered for their aromatherapy benefits. We combined 2 parts Sage & Cedarwood with 1 part Bergamot & Bay to create a fragrance blend reminiscent of natures best medicine. 

Combine 2 parts Sage & Cedarwood with 1 part Bergamot & Bay

4. Spring Cleaning Mix 

We're practicing social distancing and staying home... in a clean and organized space! You can't skip spring cleaning this year so check out our spring cleaning mix that is sure to inspire you to keep your home in tip-top shape. Combine 1 part Fresh Cotton with 1 part zesty Lemon Verbena to create a blend of fragrances that is both laundered-fresh and energizingly zesty! (No wipes, hand sanitizer, or masks required).

Combine 1 part Fresh Cotton with 1 part zesty Lemon Verbena


5. Spring Break Mix 

Whether you're a college student wishing you could've made it to the beach, or looking to relive the memories - we've created the perfect blend of beach meets fun with this Spring Break Mix. Combine 2 parts Watermelon Mojito with 1 part Mango Daiquiri for a punchy fragrance with a kick!  

Combine 2 parts Watermelon Mojito with 1 part Mango Daiquiri


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Katie Zimmerman

Katie Zimmerman is the Marketing Manager at Happy Wax headquartered in Hillsborough, NC. Katie brings 15+ years of marketing experience and a passion for making luxury soy wax melts accessible to everyone. When Katie isn’t hard at work, you can find her filling her home with her favorite Happy Wax scents Vanilla Sandalwood and Pine Forest, traveling the world, volunteering at her alma mater, and encouraging her two young children to try new things.