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2018 Fragrance Gift Guide


One of the best parts about the holidays is the satisfaction of giving the perfect gift! Our Happy Wax all-natural soy wax melts are made with the highest quality of fragrances that will truly stand out from the crowd. Made with essential oil-infused, phthalate- and paraben-free fragrances, our Happy Wax melts are a gift that you can feel good about giving this holiday season.  

#1. Gift a Mix

Our Happy Wax scented soy wax melts are available in mix options! With our mixes, you will get to sample 3 different scents from the collection of your choice. Choose from Mixes like our Holiday Mix—featuring our Evergreen Trees, Cider Stars, and Snowman S'mores scented soy wax melts. Or opt for a year-round crowd favorite like our Citrus Collection, featuring Citron Mandarin, Grapefruit Mangosteen, and Cucumber Melon.

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#2. Gift a Top Seller

As our gift to you, we're letting you in on a little secret on what our top-selling Happy Wax scents are. Our #1 top-selling Happy Wax scent is our Vanilla Sandalwood soy wax melts. Vanilla Sandalwood is a complex blend of luscious, rich vanilla and earthy Indian sandalwood. It’s a sweet, exotic treat that is sure to wake the senses! Our #2 top-selling scent of all time is our Cinnamon Chai soy wax melts. Cinnamon Chai is slightly sweet, a little spicy, and 100% cozy! With unique notes like black tea, cinnamon, and sweet vanilla, you can't go wrong with this truly amazing fragrance. Our #3 top-selling scent is our Apple Harvest scented soy wax melts—a full-bodied orchard-fresh Macintosh scent!



#3. Gift Amazon’s Choice

Don't let us persuade you with our fast talk—let the critics be the guide! Our Happy Wax Savory Mix Wax Melts have time and time again been awarded "Amazon's Choice" for soy wax melts—with 130+ reviews! A fall and winter favorite, our Savory Mix includes our bakery fresh Pumpkin Soufflé, sweet and spicy Cinnamon Chai, and wholesome Apple Harvest. You can choose our 3.6-oz Classic Tin option, which includes approximately 24 of our adorable soy wax melt bears that yield over 100 hours of enjoyable fragrance! Or if you're looking to impress, you can choose our 8-oz Half Pounder Pouch option, which includes approximately 60 bears typically melted 2 at a time for 8 hours of fragrance! You'll get 20 or more uses from every Half Pounder pouch—that's over 200 hours of burn time!

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#4. Gift the best selling scent featured by Good Morning America

Our second little gift to you: we're letting you in on what scent recently sold out on Good Morning America. Our Lemon Verbena scented soy wax melts! Cheerful and sunny with a touch of sweetness, spunky lemon and floral verbena make a perfect pair in our Lemon Verbena soy wax melts. This fresh lemon scent has just the right amount of tartness and a slight herbal note! We especially love Lemon Verbena for a pick-me-up during those dreary days of winter. Did you know that inhaling lemon fragrances can also boost your ability to focus and even enhance your memory? A recent study done by Takasago found that those who work with computers made 54% fewer typing errors when the workplace was scented with lemon!

Lemon Verbena was a #1 best seller on Good Morning America 


#5. Gift a Staff Favorite

Our Happy Wax staff has smelled many fragrances over the years! Whether it’s testing a new scent or performing R&D—we've smelled everything from wet leaves to grass! When our staff was asked what their favorite scent was, it was a resounding division between the girls versus the guys! The girls all voted unanimously for Garden Rose while the boys all voted unanimously for Tobacco & Teak! Garden rose is a perfect floral scent—not too sweet like other synthetic rose fragrances, this scent is a true floral scent! On the other hand, Tobacco & Teak is an earthy blend of familiar patchouli married with aromatic cedar wood wrapped in dewy amber moss!

Two staff favorites: Garden Rose and Tobacco & Teak


#6. Gift a Wildcard

One of the best parts about the holidays is getting that perfect gift you didn't know you needed! For a veteran who’s experienced in wax melts and wax melting—we dare you to be adventurous and gift a wildcard scent. Scents like Island Driftwood, Caramel Macchiato, and Eucalyptus Spearmint are the perfect wildcard fragrances for your loved one to explore their senses.

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