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10 Reasons to Choose Soy Wax Melts Over Plug-In Air Fresheners

Plug-in air fresheners are primarily used to remove or mask unpleasant room odors. There are many types of plug-in air fresheners, including perfumed oil plug-ins and outlet gels. Air fresheners are known for their convenience in neutralizing odors quickly and are most commonly used in bathrooms and small spaces. But did you know many people are opting out of the perfumed plug-in and switching to the wax melt plug-in instead? Wax melts plug-ins are increasingly being used over their air freshener plug-in competitor due to growing popularity in the health market and the candle market. An outlet wax melt warmer unit is plugged into an outlet in a small space such as a bathroom or powder room. Scented soy wax melts are placed on top of the unit, and they instantly begin to omit fragrance once the unit is turned on. Similar to plug-in air fresheners, the soy wax melts in the plug-in unit are changed every couple days or so. Now that you know how wax melts are similar to plug-in air fresheners, find out 10 reasons to choose wax melts over air fresheners below!

#1. Soy wax melts are better for allergies.

One reason to choose wax melts over plug-in air fresheners is that all-natural soy wax melts are better for your allergies than plug-in air fresheners. Plug-in air fresheners contain chemicals such as naphthalene, benzene, toluene, and other dangerous substances. Naphthalene has been shown to cause damage to lung tissue and has also been linked to other health concerns, such as cancer. They can also contain phthalates, which are known to cause reproductive issues and hormonal abnormalities such as birth defects. On the other hand, soy wax melts contain no toxins, carcinogens, or pollutants, which not only makes them healthier, it also makes them less likely to trigger allergies! Many plug-in air freshener users have switched to soy wax melts to get the same great, easily accessible home fragrance scents as a candle!

Plug-In Air Fresheners are bad for allergies 


#2. Soy wax melts are cheaper than plug-in air fresheners.

Another reason to choose soy wax melts over plug-in air fresheners is that soy wax melts are cheaper than plug-in air fresheners. According to the U.S. Census data and Simmons National Consumer Survey (NHCS), the average American used six or more plug-in air fresheners during  2017. The NCHS reports that number can as much as triple depending on the reported number of bathrooms in the home. Considering that the average air freshener plug-in costs $15, if you only buy one plug-in air freshener per month, you could be spending as much as $180/year on aerosol air freshener sprays. Wax melt plug-ins work in a similar way to air freshener plug-ins; you purchase one outlet wax melt warmer unit (generally $14.95–$20.00 depending on size needed) and refill the wax melts, which emit the fragrance oil. Wax melts can vary in price depending on type of wax, type of fragrance oil used, and whether essential oils are used. Generally, one ounce of wax can provide you 180 hours of fragrance, or one week of fragrance. So, if you used one ounce of wax per week for an entire year, you would need somewhere around 52 ounces of wax or 3.25 pounds of wax. Some companies provide deals by the pound, where you can get a pound of wax for $30. So average expenses for a wax melt warmer for the entire year break down to: $14.95 (for the warmer) + (3.25 pounds of wax * $30/pound) = $112.45/year. If you opt to switch from buying a $15 air freshener can per month to wax melts, you could be saving $70/year!


#3. Soy wax melts are better for your health.

In a study performed by the Natural Resources Defense Council, researchers confirmed the presence of phthalates or hormone-disrupting chemicals in 12 of 14 plug-in air fresheners marketed as “all-natural.” None of the plug-in air fresheners in their report showed the chemicals listed on their labels. They proved that even if a plug-in air freshener has “natural” stamped across its label, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s free of phthalates. For that reason, we recommend using natural soy wax melts instead of plug-in air fresheners. Soy wax melts are free of toxins, carcinogens, and pollutants! You can even find scented soy wax melts that are infused with essential oils if you are looking for the benefits of aromatherapy. If you are looking for the same amount of accessibility and ease that plug-in air fresheners provide, you can opt for outlet plug-in wax melters. Plug-in wax melters fit into any standard outlet and are used in the same types of areas you would find plug-in air fresheners, such as small bathrooms or powder rooms!



#3. Soy wax melts are flame-free.

Plug-in air fresheners are highly flammable. Unintentional injuries have been reported with these products, including burns when flammable air fresheners have been ignited by a nearby flame. Some plug-in air fresheners contain liquids that are flammable, creating massive risks to homeowners should the plug-in air freshener liquid leak. Flammable propellants such as butane have even reportedly been found in some air fresheners. Butane is a gas that is highly flammable at room temperature and is also commonly used in lighter fluid. Soy wax melts, on the other hand, will never burn in conjunction with the soy wax melt warmers they are paired with. Most outlet wax melt warmers use a 25-W light bulb as the heat source to melt the soy wax melts and release their scent. The soy wax is heated just enough by the ceramic warmer, and then the fragrance oils mixed in with the soy wax are released to fill your home with fragrance!

Wax Melters are flame-free



#4. Plug-in air freshener refills are limiting.

Plug-in air fresheners typically come in the same size, shape, and design with little to no variability. Additionally, when it comes time to refill the plug-in air freshener, you can only purchase a refill that fits the brand’s air freshener unit. Oftentimes many plug-in air freshener brands will only make refills that fit their own units to keep you from trying other brands. With wax melts, you can mix any scented wax melt with any wax melt warmer! Because of the variety of options this opens up, we recommend choosing wax melts over plug-in air fresheners.

Wax melts & melters come in a variety of sizes, and smells! 


#5. Soy wax melts last longer.

Plug-in air fresheners usually contain around 35g of fragrance oil per unit, which typically stays fresh for 4–5 days. The fragrance oil from the plug-in air fresheners is released all at once from the unit, causing scents to disperse heavily, and fast. Wax melts, on the other hand, are slowly warmed with fragrance, burning continuously and consistently to create an even-tempered fragrance experience. Even better, soy wax melts burn cooler, which means you can enjoy your fragrance for 30-50% longer! For this reason, we recommend choosing wax melts over plug-in air fresheners for a more even-tempered fragrance experience.

Soy wax melts last long than plug-in air fresheners


#6. Soy wax melts come in a larger variety.

If you’re looking for variety, we recommend choosing wax melts over plug-in air fresheners. Plug-in air fresheners are limited to a very specific design and look. Wax melts and melters, on the other hand, come in a variety of fun designs and sizes! Similar to plug-in air fresheners, you can use wax melts in a small outlet, or you can opt for a tabletop scented wax melt delivery! Wax melters even come in design styles that mimic home decor items!

Soy Wax Melts come in a variety of scents!

#7. Soy wax melts are designed for fun.

Plug-in air fresheners have one purpose: utility! Wax melts, on the other hand, can be mixed, allowing you to customize your own home fragrance and play with different scents! Moreover, wax melts come in a variety of shapes and colors, creating endless possibilities to explore. One wax melt customer even recently wrote in that she decided to try mixing a Pumpkin Wax Melt, a Vanilla Wax Melt, and a Cinnamon Wax Melt and ended up creating a fragrance that smelled just like a pumpkin spice latte!

Soy wax melts are designed for fun!



#8. You can control you fragrance delivery better with soy wax melts.

With most plug-in oil-based air fresheners, you can’t control the intensity of your fragrance delivery. The fragrance oil released from plug-in air fresheners can’t be released in a controlled manner. On the other hand, wax melts generally come in clamshell squares or small bite-sized shapes, which can then be broken up and added intermittently to increase fragrance load. Most clamshell-shaped wax melts come in a pack of six 1-oz. pieces that can last anywhere from 3–4 hours, depending on the brand. Wax melts that come in smaller shapes also allow versatility as far as fragrance concentration goes, with the ability to load as many or as few as you want to control the fragrance strength.


 Wax melt warmers deliver fragrance more evenly than plug-in air fresheners.


#9. Soy wax melts can be mixed.

Did you know that wax melts can be mixed? One reason we recommend choosing wax melts over plug-in air fresheners is that wax melts can be mixed together to create unique scents. With scented plug-in air fresheners, your creativity is somewhat limited by the vessel in which plug-in air fresheners come. Wax melts, however, all have the same base of fragrance oil mixture to soy wax. There may be some varying differences, such as whether the wax is all-natural soy wax or whether it is paraffin wax, but that will not change the fact that you can mix together different scents!

Soy wax melts can be mixed!

#10. Soy wax melts are natural.

Many plug-in air fresheners will say that they have “all-natural” or “natural” options, but did you know that many plug-in air freshener companies will actually skimp on the ingredients that make them the more “natural” brand? This is because a lot of the natural ingredients that are used in fragrance oils are often more expensive. On the other hand, soy wax melts were created to appeal to the all-natural market that people were asking for. Soy wax melts also come in a variety of fragrances and are sometimes even mixed with essential oils to enhance their scent delivery. When melting soy wax melts that contain essential oils, molecules are released that have the same mood-enhancing effects as aromatherapy.

Soy wax melts are infused with essential oils!

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