10 Must-Try Wax Melt Mixes for Summer

10 Must-Try Wax Melt Mixes for Summer


#1 - Boardwalk Bliss - 1 Part Island Driftwood + 2 Parts Bergamot & Bay

Prepare to be swept away by summer memories! Combine 2 parts Bergamot & Bay + 1 part Island Driftwood to conjure memories of walking the boardwalk with your BFFs. This is one fragrance combo that will have you hooked! When married together, these two fragrances yield notes of sun-warmed bergamot, familiar cedarwood, and earthy patchouli. The slight hint of spice in Bergamot & Bay blends heavenly with the notes of sea-salted driftwood. A fun summer twist on an earthy wood fragrance! 

Summer Wax Melt Mixes - Boardwalk Bliss

Combine 1 part Island Driftwood & 2 Parts Bergamot & Bay 


#2 - Poolside Punch - 2 Parts Watermelon Mojito + 1 Part Cucumber Melon 

Did you experience the “Summer Sweet Tooth?” That’s what we call the indulgence of fresh in-season fruits like fresh watermelon and ripe peaches. Combine 2 parts Watermelon Mojito with 1 part Cucumber Melon to create the fragrance we dub “Poolside Punch!” This dynamic duo is sure to yield a bounty of sweet summer fragrances! The notes of fresh, crisp honeydew found in Cucumber Melon bring an unmistakable freshness that enhances the sweet and punchy notes of Watermelon Mojito. Our mouths can’t help but water thinking about it…

Wax Melts Poolside Punch

Combine 2 parts Watermelon Mojito &  1 part Cucumber Melon 

#3 - Summer in a Sundress - 3 Parts Fresh Cotton + 1 Part Coastal Tide 

Is there any other way to spend summer than in your favorite sundress? We combined 1 part Coastal Tide and 3 parts Fresh Cotton to create a summer take on a linen fragrance. We love the delicate smell of a soft cotton plant, so we combined it with Coastal Tide to give it a summer vibe! We love the notes of fresh guava and pure tonka bean in Coastal Tide combined with the classic linen fragrance of Fresh Cotton!

Summer In  Sundress Wax Melt Scent

Combine 3 parts Fresh Cotton + 1 part Coastal Tide 


#4 - Island Oasis - 2 Parts Honeysuckle Ginger + 2 Parts Ginger White Tea 

When we combined 2 parts Honeysuckle Ginger + 2 Parts Ginger White Tea, we knew we’d found a match made in (summer) heaven! This combination of floral Honeysuckle Ginger and citrusy sweet Ginger White Tea conjures images of a lush island oasis. The zest of the fresh lemon in Ginger White Tea complements the floral notes in Honeysuckle Ginger, yielding a sweet botanical fragrance. You won’t want to wait to find this location! 

Island Oasis Wax Melt Scent

Combine 2 parts Honeysuckle Ginger + 2 parts Ginger White Tea

#5 - Surf’s Up - 2 Parts Coastal Tide + 1 Part Island Driftwood

There are two types of people in this world: those who dive headfirst and those who wade—You won’t want to wait to dive into this combination! The ocean-inspired notes of fresh sea salt in Coastal Tide combined with the herbal driftwood notes in Island Driftwood bring us back to the crash of waves! 

Surf's Up Wax Melt Scent

Combine 2 parts Coastal Tide + 1 part Island Driftwood 


#6 - Tiki Bar - 3 Parts Mango Daiquiri + 3 Parts Vanilla Sandalwood 

Did summer really happen if you didn’t find time to get away with your girls? This combination of potently sweet Mango Daiquiri and creamy Vanilla Sandalwood is sure to bring leisurely memories of letting loose! Notes of juicy, ripe mango in Mango Daiquiri combine with rich Vanilla Sandalwood to create an even creamier version of our Mango Daiquiri fragrance! 

Tiki Bar Wax Melt Sent

Combine 3 parts Mango Daiquiri with 3 parts Vanilla Sandalwood


#7 - Afternoon Snooze - 2 Parts Calming Lavender + 2 Parts Vanilla Sandalwood

There’s always room for a nap when you’re on island time! Vacations are a time to recharge, hit the snooze button, and grab that extra piece of shuteye when you can! Whether you’re looking to transport yourself back to the tropics or find a calming fragrance to help lull you to your dreams, this combination is sure to soothe the soul! Calming Lavender is infused with relaxing lavender essential oils; combined with the warmth of Vanilla Sandalwood, this fragrance is perfect for winding down. 

Afternoon Snooze Wax Melt Sent for Summer

Combine 2 parts Calming Lavender + 2 parts Vanilla Sandalwood


#8 - Summer Scoop - 1 Part Watermelon Mojito + 3 Parts Vanilla Sandalwood 

A summer treat you won’t have to count calories for! We loved coming with our take on this summer classic. Savor the aroma of creamy, sweet Vanilla Sandalwood reminiscent of freshly scooped vanilla. Combined lightly with the notes of fruity Watermelon Mojito, this fragrance is the "scoop" on summer! 

Summer Scoop Wax Melt Sent for Summer

Combine 1 part Watermelon Mojito + 3 parts Vanilla Sandalwood


#9 -  Bonfire Under the Stars  - 1 Part Snowman S’mores + 1 Part Tobacco & Teak 

Huddle around the bonfire and let us tell you a story about wax melts that is sure to remind you of those nights camping under the stars! We combined 1 part Snowman S’mores with 1 part Tobacco & Teak for the perfect combination of s’mores meets bonfire! Smoky Tobacco & Teak combines with the sweet vanilla marshmallow & graham cracker in Snowman S’mores to create a fragrance that’s reminiscent of a favorite summer pastime! 

Wax Melt Mixes For Summer - Bonfire Under the Stars

Combine 1 part Snowman S'mores + 1 part Tobacco & Teak 

#10 - Seabreeze  - 1 Part Coastal Tide + 2 Parts Fresh Cotton 

Love the feeling of leaving your window open and letting the ocean breeze roll in? Recreate that classic sea breeze fragrance when you combine 2 parts Coastal Tide with 2 parts Fresh Cotton! Notes of sea salt will marry with notes of fresh linen dancing in the morning breeze, sending you to island time!

Seabreeze Wax Melt Sent

Combine 1 part Coastal Tide + 2 parts Fresh Cotton

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