5 Hints About Our New Product Line Dropping in August

Who doesn't love fall fragrances? They embody a blend of warmth and nostalgia cultivated through spice, woods, and fir notes. Breathe fall fragrances in and you are taken to memories of warm mulled cider, spiced pumpkin bread, and fragrant cinnamon wreaths. In addition to our beloved Savory Collection, Happy Wax is taking on some new fragrances to cultivate the fall feels.

We designed our newest addition of fall fragrances to create complex, warm, and inviting scents designed to evoke a variety of emotive experiences for the fall season. In our newest product line launch, you'll find notes of wood, smoky, and amber accords to take on a sophisticated and winsome fragrance profile. There will also be some classic fall fragrances introduced, with notes of fallen leaves, aromatic mosses, pulpy fruits, exotic spices, and soft amber woodlands.

To celebrate the start of the new season, we’ve dropped 5 hints about our product line coming late august! If you love everything fall, you'll be sure to want to stick around for this fall fragrance drop. 




#1 - One product we're dropping is based on a best-selling fall coffee drink. 


#2 - One product we're dropping will have you FALL-ing in love!


#3 - Four products we're dropping are bear-y cute. 

#4 - One product we're dropping will "leaf" you speechless. 

#5 - One product we're dropping wood knock your socks off!


 Have a guess as to which fall fragrances will be included in the launch? Comment your best guess below! Make sure you sign up to our email list to be notified as soon as the new products drop! 

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