8 Holiday Gift Ideas Under $50

8 Holiday Gift Ideas Under $50

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This holiday season make your dollar stretch further with home fragrance gifts under $50. Known to delight and excite, wax melts and wax warmers make great gifts. But you don't have to break the bank this holiday season, we've outlined 10 ways you can save on your holiday gifts this season! 

#1 - Outlet Warmer Kits - $24.95 

Outlet Warmer Gift Kits combine one Outlet Plug-In Wax Warmer with one Mix Classic Tin of our essential-oil infused soy wax melts. This wax melt kit has everything that a first-time melter needs to get started melting right out of the box! With a retail price of $19.95 per Outlet Warmer, and $12.95 per Classic Tin you'll rack in a total savings of $8 OFF

          Outlet Warmer Gift With Someone Putting Wax In


Outlet Warmer Kits - $24.95 


#2 - Holiday Mix Tin Gift Set - $40  

Perfect for an experienced melter who may be new to Happy Wax, our Holiday Mix Tin Gift Set includes not one, not four, but TWELVE different fragrances in the pack! Each collection mix tin combines three fragrances in one Classic Tin,  with four collection mix tins included your loved one is bound to find a fragrance they like! 


Woman Smelling Holiday Mix Tin as a Holiday Gift


Holiday Mix Tin Gift Set - $40


#3 - Happy Wax Gift Card - $25 

There's no easier gift to give than our happy Wax Gift Cards. Start at $10, our Happy Wax Gift Cards are delivered straight to your inbox so all you will need to do is print and gift!  Our gift cards can be used on all items on HappyWax.com and never expire. 

 Wax Melts Gift Box For Gift Card
Happy Wax Gift Card - $25

#4 - Mini Tabletop Wax Warmer Kits - $39.95 

Perfect for a college student who can't use a flame in their dorm, our Happy Wax Mini Tabletop Wax Warmer Kits include one Mini Tabletop Wax Warmer (ft. a 3-6-9 hour timer) and one wax melt collection mix Classic TIn. Our Mini Tabletop Wax Warmer can even be powered right from a laptop! 

Mini Tabletop Wax Warmer

Mini-Tabletop Wax Warmer Kit - $39.95


 #5 - Classic Wax Warmer Gift Set - $39.95 

Our Happy Wax Classic Wax Warmer Gift Set includes one large tabletop Classic Wax Melt Warmer and one 8 Oz. Half Pouinder Mix Pouch of our scented soy wax melts. The Classic Warmer Gift Set is perfect for the home decor lover as it makes a great accent piece! 



Putting Wax Melts into a Blue Wax Warmer


Classic Warmer Gift Set - $39.95


#6 - Essential Oil-Infused Car Fresheners - $3.95 

Perfect for the road trip warrior our Happy Wax essential oil-infused Car Cub Fresheners make great stocking stuffers. (Plus did we mention they come in the most adorable bear shapes?)


Lemon Verbena Wax Melt Car Air Freshener


Essential Oil-Infused Car Cub Fresheners - $3.95 


 #7-  Silicone Popper Liner - $8.95 

Looking for a gift for an existing melter? Give the gift of convenience with our Happy Wax Silicone Popper Liner. Your loved one will no longer have to scrape out their warmer, with our Popper Liner they can simply "pop" used wax right out. They'll be able to change fragrances out in seconds with our Silicone Popper Liner. The Silicone Popper Liner will fit in most standard wax melters. 


Gift Ideas under $50 - Wax Melts Popper


Silicone Popper Liner - $8.95


#8 - Half Pounder Wax Melt Pouches - 2 for $30

Know a Happy Wax fragrance lover? Gift them their favorite fragrance in bulk with our Happy Wax Half Pounder Wax Melt Pouches! Packing over 200 hours of flame-free home fragrance our Half Pounder Pouches include roughly 60-64 of our adorable bear-shaped soy wax melts.  


Gift Ideas under $50 - Wax Melts


Half Pounder Wax Melt Pouch - 2 for $30 



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